Struggling With Your Weight? Quick Tip for Biggest Impact on Your Metabolism

quick weight loss
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Are you looking for quick weight loss?

I get a lot of questions from people who want to either lose fat, gain muscle or just generally tune up their nutrition. Many people want a quick fix, a magic bullet, a secret potion that will turn on the results. Some people have undergone metabolic damage over a period of years and sometimes decades. There are things you can do for rapid weight loss but unfortunately unless we make permanent changes we are likely to regain the weight. The best tip I can give you that will have a huge impact on your nutrition, your health and your metabolism is to decrease the amount of processed food in your diet. Most processed food has less nutrients and more undesirable ingredients that further damage your metabolism. Choose foods that grow from the earth or foods that had a mother. And eat those foods without a lot of processing.

Think back on what you ate yesterday. How much of it was processed? I have had people tell me that there would be nothing left to eat if they didn’t eat processed foods. That is far from accurate. The fact is that you can eat a large quantity of food when it is nutrient dense instead of just empty calories. You can be more satisfied (after you get past the cravings stage) with real food. Here are a few posts that will help guide you on how to choose the best foods for optimal nutrition.

I have clean eating challenge groups monthly and I would love to have you join the next one. Comment below if you’d like more information.

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