Ultimate Reset – Why Would I Do That?

21 Day Commitment to Detox and Clean Eating – My “Why”

BUR_product_configuration_170x100 (1)I am starting the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program soon.  Click here to watch a video about what the Ultimate Reset is and what it can do for you.  One thing I have learned when setting goals for myself is that I have to identify my “why.”  I ask myself, why am I doing it?  What does it mean to me?  What exactly do I hope to accomplish?  Digging deeper and understanding my “why” helps me to ensure that I’m not just doing something impulsively, but I’m truly committed to achieving the goal.  The answers to these questions are what I will fall back on when I’m struggling with the process of reaching my goal.

So I am writing this post to document my reasons for doing the Ultimate Reset.  I know there will be challenges during the 21 day program but I believe the benefits will outweigh any difficulties.  Some of the challenges I’m anticipating include drinking some supplements that are maybe not so yummy.  I plan to follow the food recommendations as closely as possible and if I make any substitutions it will be for other foods that are on the menu.  For example, I don’t eat salmon so on the day that salmon is on the menu I will substitute the chicken that is on another meal for that week.  But I’m sure that eating the food exactly as prescribed will pose some challenges.  There are some foods on the list that I’ve never even tried (like miso, seaweed and millet).  Another tough part is that I will be giving up coffee and diet Coke for the duration of the Reset.  I think the diet Coke part will be fine, but I’m feeling kind of whiny about the coffee.  These concerns just serve to prove the need to really evaluate why I’m doing this and what I hope to get out of it.

My biggest hope for this program is that it will help me bust through the weight loss plateau I’m currently stuck on.  I’m expecting to lose some pounds and inches during this process, but I hope that the effects will extend beyond the 21 days and that I will continue to see results after the Reset.  I hope to try new foods and incorporate them in my daily diet from here on out.  I hope that I can permanently give up some bad eating habits and create new healthful habits.  If I can keep my eye on the prize during this process I believe I will be successful and cross the finish line with some awesome wins.

I plan to post my experiences on a daily basis once I start.  I know that it has been helpful for me to read about other people’s journeys with the reset before I start so that I can be prepared and I want to provide that kind of support for others that are considering doing this.  Another reason for daily posting is that it will help keep me accountable to following the plan and sticking with what I intend to accomplish.

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Reset – Why Would I Do That?

  1. I’m very interested in reading about the Ultimate Reset. I don’t like fish so I would have probably ate chicken. I was going to try it but I heard that you can’t workout for the 21 days. If I ever can’t workout for that amount of time I may try it.

    • It’s true that you shouldn’t do strenuous workouts for the 21 days while you are detoxing. You can walk, stretch and do gentle exercise like yoga or tai chi. I will have a hard time not doing my regular workouts, but I think the results are going to be worth it. I hope to start P90X 2 when I finish the reset.