Ultimate Reset – Final Results

Ultimate ResetWell, I survived Ultimate Reset.  I went into it intending to stick with the program just as it was designed.  I ended up making some modifications at the end.  It just seemed right for me.  I think the program is wonderful and I’m very satisfied with my results.  The support provided by Beachbody and by others going through the same program were fantastic and I think that is a key reason this program is so awesome.  I lost a total of 10.6 pounds and went shopping for new pants – one size smaller!   I am adding some foods back in and other things I will keep out of my diet.  I plan to eliminate artificial sweeteners except for rare occasions.  I added coffee back in but not Diet Coke.  I plan to try to have vegetables with every meal and eat at least 7 servings of veggies a day as well as 2 servings of fruit.

Things I learned during the Reset:

I don’t like seaweed.

I like more vegetables than I thought I did.

I can live without Diet Coke.

My bladder works better without artificial sweeteners (I know, TMI, but it’s true).

I really can eat veggies at breakfast.

I like being thinner.

I don’t always have to eat what my family eats.

Just because there’s a bag of chips on the counter, I really DON’T have to have “just a few.”

God created food to sustain me, not to rule me.

Sometimes I need to rest and let my body repair.

Thank you to each and every one of you that encouraged me and supported my through this 21 day journey!



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