Ultimate Reset Day 7 – One Third Done!

Invest in NutritionI’ve made it through the first week/first phase of the Reset. This phase was called Reclaim. This week focused on phasing out animal products. Tomorrow starts Phase 2 which is called Release. In this phase animal products are eliminated. Gone. No eggs, no meat, no dairy. This will be challenging. I have only had limited amounts this past week, but I will miss them when they are completely gone. Tomorrow I will start to take a new supplement – Detox. I will be taking it three times a day. Tomorrow at work may be interesting to say the least.

The best news is that I’m down 6 pounds since I started this.  I feel good and except for the one night of back pain I have slept really well.  My energy has been up the last couple of days.

Saturday will be challenging for me.  My grandson’s first birthday is being held at Round Table Pizza.  Pizza is definitely one of my weaknesses.  And frosting.  There will be cake and cupcakes…with frosting.  Thankfully the party is at 2 p.m. so I will have already had lunch.  Hopefully I can just visit with people and ignore the food.  My backup plan is to get some veggies from the salad bar, but I would rather not even do that.

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