Ultimate Reset – Day 2

Day two of Ultimate Reset done!

Clean food, yummy food

Clean food, yummy food

Today went well.  I tolerated the Alkalinize better and I was able to drink more water.  I feel pretty good – not cold like yesterday.  I had some shoulder tension this morning but I did 45 minutes of P90X XStretch and that really helped.  I felt a little foggy this morning but this afternoon I had more energy.

The food was good.  Oatmeal, berries and yogurt for breakfast.  Lunch was a Greek salad with chicken.  In the afternoon I decided to have the optional snack.  I wasn’t really hungry so I probably shouldn’t have.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about food.  I had a small apple and some natural peanut butter.  For dinner I had a black beans and rice taco and some spinach.  My family had our regular tacos.  The cheddar cheese was awfully tempting!  But I resisted.  19 more days to go!

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