Ultimate Reset Day 14 Results

scaleHere we are at the end of Ultimate Reset Phase 2: Release.  I feel great.  My weight loss at the end of week 2 is 9.8 pounds.  I know I have lost inches all over because my clothes are fitting so much looser.  I will do my measurements after day 21.  I am happy that I get to stop drinking the Detox supplement.  I did get much better at drinking it though.  Tomorrow starts the final phase.  Phase 3: Rebuild.  This phase has a new supplement called Revitalize.  I am happy to see that it’s in capsule form and not powder form.  I will still be taking the Optimize, Oxygenize, Mineralize and Alkalinize.

I did end up modifying the eating plan this week.  Last night I just felt like I really needed some protein and couldn’t handle the thought of one more serving of quinoa or lentils.  I had some ground turkey with my 2 cups of steamed veggies for dinner.  I felt so much better after I ate it.  So, I decided after that to add a little bit of meat into my meals for the rest of the reset.  This really goes against the intention of the reset.  I realize that it will slow down my results, but I had to listen to my body.  It wasn’t a battle with the mind.  If it was strictly a mental battle I would be eating the sweets, chips and cheese that I have been craving. I am going to avoid those things for the remaining 21 days as well as staying away from coffee, Diet Coke and sugar.  I really admire the folks that are able to stick with the plan 100% with no straying.

My husband and I are going to start a hybrid program of P90X2 and Asylum.  I can’t wait!  I plan to start shortly after the reset is over.  One thing I’m looking forward to is working out at a lower weight.  I’m also excited to learn new exercises an challenge myself.


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