Ultimate Reset Day 10 -Hanging Tough

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

Okay.  Confession time.  This is getting hard.  Today is my 10th day on the reset.  I feel great.  I won’t reveal my weight loss until the end of Week 2 but let’s just say I’ve continued to make progress since my last post.  But I’m really missing my favorite foods.  I think if I was doing this on my own and didn’t have people helping me to stay accountable I would have given up by now.  But I’m still hanging in there.  The good news is that mid-day tomorrow I will be halfway done.  It’ll be all downhill from there.

Many of the meals are repeats so I haven’t taken pictures.  But the picture here is a new meal.  Quinoa Lentil Pilaf.  I liked it and it’s packed with protein.  Tomorrow I get to try Kabocha squash with Tahini.  I’ve never even heard of Kabocha squash so hopefully this will be a yummy adventure.  Most of the breakfasts this week have been fruit plates.  I’ve really enjoyed the fruit.

The new supplement this week is called Detox. This supplement is taken three times a day – 30 minutes before meals. I have a difficult time drinking this one. A fellow participant lovingly calls it “lemony dirt.” I must say that after drinking it three times a day for the last three days I am getting better at it. Thankfully Thursday will be my last dose of detox. Here is a video that explains more about the purpose.

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