Ultimate Reset – Day 1

First day of detox and clean eating – done!

Good clean food.

Today went well.  My only “symptom” has been feeling VERY cold.  I don’t even know if that’s related to the reset but I was in the house with two sweatshirts on and still cold.  The rest of the family wasn’t cold.

The day 1 food was good.  Eggs, toast and spinach were on the menu for breakfast.  It was weird eating the toast dry but not a big deal.  Lunch was a big old yummy salad.  I made the creamy garlic dressing from the recipe book and it was fantastic.  I will definitely be keeping that recipe.  Dinner was supposed to be salmon, asparagus and fingerling potatoes.  I don’t eat fish, so I substituted chicken.  I also had to change out the asparagus for green beans since the asparagus that was available at the store was woody and looked like it was ready for the trash can.  The food was enough for me and I didn’t need the optional snack.

So day one with no coffee or diet coke and I don’t have a headache yet.  Hopefully I won’t get one.  Three out of the four supplements were fine.  The last one, Alkalinize, was tough to swallow – literally.  It’s a mixture of different grasses so you can imagine what it smells and tastes like.  I got on the official website and someone from Beachbody gave me some tips to be able to drink it better tomorrow.  That ‘s one thing I really like about this program – the support.  There is a Facebook support group for every phase of the reset.    It’s nice to post questions and have them answered quickly.  It’s also helpful to read posts of others going through the same process and encouraging each other.

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