Worshiping Food – Can Food Be an Idol?

Source: Flickr/pallavi_damera

Source: Flickr/pallavi_damera

Do I worship idols? I want to say of course not! But idolatry is more insidious. An idol is actually anything that I put ahead of my worship of God. God has created needs within me that can only be met with Him. If I attempt to satisfy those needs with other things, that is idolatry. When I think of it that way, then yes, I have put other things before God and I am guilty of idolatry. I have been guilty of worshiping food among other things.

Worshiping food

One of the things that comes to mind when I think about idol worship is food. Food has definitely been elevated to an unhealthy place in my life. I have turned to food for so many reasons. 

Food is my comfort.

Food provides peace.

Food gives me pleasure like a drug.

Food answers an unidentifiable need.

Food is something I feel I deserve when I have done well or when I have a rough day.

Food entertains me when I am bored.

God wants to be the answer to all those needs. He wants me to turn to Him first to be my peace, my comfort. He wants me to delight in Him. He wants me to tell him about my day and to cry out to Him when I need help. Instead, I have turned to food. Food is an empty god. It provides momentary pleasure but long-term problems. 

I remember telling my husband as I took my first bite of fresh, warm pumpernickel bread at Outback Steakhouse that it was like a drug. I actually had a physical rush from eating it while we waited for our dinner. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying good food. The Bible talks a lot about food and feasts. It’s just that I need to put it in it’s proper place. I have elevated it to a place in my life that it doesn’t belong. This behavior started at a young age and I’m challenged to peel apart the layers and figure out how to use food as fuel and enjoy it in the way that God intended. Do you struggle with your relationship with food?


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