Kick-Start Your Home Workout Program

Now where is that home workout program  I bought?

Have you ever bought a home workhome workoutout program and then left it sitting on a shelf or in a drawer to gather dust.? If so, then this challenge is for you!  I’m putting together a 30 day challenge to help you start a fitness habit that can make a difference in your health and wellness.  This group with capitalize on the fact that there is power in community and in accountability to others.  We will challenge and inspire you on a daily basis.  Studies show that this type of accountability increases the chances of success.

How does it work?  If you decide to take on this challenge message me or leave a comment and you will be invited to a private Facebook group.  Groups will be limited to a maximum of 5 participants.  This allows everyone to get to know each other and build a community of support.  Let me know what home workout program you will be using.  You can use ANY program, not just Beachbody programs.  If you don’t own a program I can make some suggestions for you based on your current fitness level.  I will post daily motivation and you will post your progress daily.  This will help you to develop a habit of fitness.  There will be mini challenges that you can choose to participate in as each week to help skyrocket your progress.

When does it start?  If you already own a program we will start as soon as we have several members to participate.  For those that do not own a program already, we will start on March 1 to give you time to receive your order.

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