Are You A Frustrated Perfectionist?


All my ducks are not in a row

I was called a frustrated perfectionist once.  My response to them was WHAT?!?  I feel like I am the opposite of a perfectionist.  My natural tendencies lean towards lazy and sloppy.  My husband can attest to the fact that I love to start things and not finish them.  I have piles of paperwork around the house that “I’ll get to later.”  I have books and magazines I plan to read, projects I intend to finish, and ideas of things I’d like to do.  I am always attempting to organize the flow of paperwork in my office and time and time again it gets away from me.

The person had to explain what they meant by “frustrated perfectionist.”  He described me as someone who tends to see things as too big to tackle so I just don’t tackle them at all.  If it can’t be perfect then I might as well just let it sit there.  My intentions are good…I’m going to organize my stuff, I’m going to finish that quilt (by hand, mind you), I’m going to make nice little chore charts for my kids like I see on Pinterest and teach them all about how to handle their money. Meanwhile, it all seems so daunting so I plant my crops on Farmville and check Facebook statuses just one more time.

You may have things in your life that seem so daunting that you just never start.  Exercise may be one of those things for you.  I know it used to be for me.  You’ve read the guidelines – at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, five times per week.  There are some variations of the guidelines depending on who you’re listening to, but the bottom line is we should be moving more.  Our modern conveniences have allowed us to become a very sedentary society.  The scientific evidence is there.  Most of us do believe that exercise is good for us.  It improves our mind, our emotions, our bodies, even our libido.  So, why wouldn’t we want those benefits?  The truth is, we do want them – if those benefits came in a little yellow pill we would all run down to the drugstore and buy it.  For some of us, it is one of those frustrated perfectionist moments.  You may have friends that actually enjoy running and you think that is never going to happen for you.  You may get winded just walking to the mailbox or doing chores in the yard.  You can’t imagine doing strenuous exercise for 30 minutes almost every day.  So you choose to do other things.  You put it off another day.  You read another article or join another Facebook group to motivate you.

Maybe the trick is to just take it a chunk at a time.  Take the daunting task apart into bite size pieces.  Start with 10 minutes.  You have 10 minutes you can spare, right?  Commit today to walking for 10 minutes.  Or doing some bodyweight exercises for 10 minutes.  Right in your own home – no gym membership necessary.  Play a game of basketball with your kids.  Anything – just move for 10 minutes.  Then commit to doing that again tomorrow.  You may not be training for a marathon, but you are starting a healthy habit that can change your life.  Comment below and let me know what you are going to do with your 10 minutes today.


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3 thoughts on “Are You A Frustrated Perfectionist?

  1. This is me 1000% serious… I know the way I’d like things, but if I can’t finish it all at once, I don’t want to do it… plain and simple… which means many things go undo. Over the years, really opened my mind and heart to this and slowly I’m learning to view things differently… but it really takes a re-newing of the mind and a conscious process to remove “stinkin thinking”. Thanks for the reminder