3 Tips to Finding Your Workout Mojo

My January  Plan

My January Plan

I Lost My Workout Mojo!

Near the end of 2014 I found that I had lost my workout mojo. I was still suiting up, getting in the workout room, pushing play and exercising so I still consider that a win. However, I wasn’t pushing myself anymore. I was phoning it in. I wasn’t going to become the person I want to be with what I was doing. One day a couple weeks ago I listened to a podcast episode on the Chalene Show. She was interviewing Tony Horton and he had some great tips that helped to inspire me and fire me up to do more and be more. I will paraphrase them here. These tips can work with any goal you have – even if they are not workout related.


Plan what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it and WRITE IT DOWN. Get out the calendar and write it down. When you complete your workout for the day, cross it off with a big, red X. That way when you look at the calendar you have a visual representation of the work you’ve put in.  At the end of the month when you have more days crossed off than missed, you will know you are on track to meeting your goal. A photo of what my calendar looks like is above. I’ve scheduled workouts for all 7 days of the week knowing that I may miss one here and there. I scheduled it to allow the different muscle groups to rest and recover. I also put some flexibility days in there so I can work on stretching and balance and healing.


Your purpose, or your WHY needs to be above and beyond the aesthetic. When we say we want to work out or lose weight so that we can be thin or to be more attractive, we are feeding our ego but only  scratching the surface of all that we can be. Yes, I’d love to be thinner and I’d love to have a better body for my husband. But I’d also like to have increased energy and improve the quality of my day. I’d like to have the confidence that comes with being fit and knowing that I’ve pushed myself and disciplined myself. I’d love to live a more adventurous life and that doesn’t come by wimping out in the workout room and stuffing myself with Cheetos on the couch.

Look Around

Look at the 5 people you hang around with the most. Are they active, adventurous and taking care of themselves? Or are they couch potatoes? I’m not suggesting you ditch your friends. But what I am suggesting is that you start to build some relationships with folks that have similar goals as you. Maybe even people that surpass what you think you can do. You can do this in “real life” or in online groups, but start associating with people who will nudge you to be more. You won’t regret the adventure!


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