I Have a Wheat Belly!

After reading the beginning chapters of Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, Bill and I were convinced without a doubt that we needed to eliminate wheat from our diet.  I love bread and pasta.  My husband is an avid sandwich fan.  The thought of no bread, no noodles, no crackers and on and on and on seemed a bit daunting to say the least.  As I read further through the book it only confirmed that we were on the right track.

Previous to this I had been working on cutting out most processed foods from my diet so I didn’t eat much wheat on a daily basis anyway.  On the day before we made this change I had a great breakfast and relaxed all morning.  Late morning I did my workout and since we were going to have a late lunch I ate a piece of peanut butter toast.  I hadn’t had any bread in a while and peanut butter toast just sounded so yummy.  Within about a half an hour I started feeling a little queasy.  Soon I was having belly cramping and kept having to excuse myself to go to the restroom.  I thought it was weird since I didn’t feel ill or anything.  Later that evening I read this quote from the book Wheat Belly about his patients who had eliminated wheat from their diet,  when they “permitted themselves a wheat indulgence” “within minutes, many would experience diarrhea, joint swelling and pain, or wheezing.”  The author says that the greatest benefit for weight loss or just plain old feeling better will come from the elimination of wheat – even more powerful than the elimination of sugar.  That statement rocked me.  It falls right in line with what I have been learning from Jonathan Bailor at  the Smarter Science of Slim. Wheat products are not SANE foods.  Eating “inSANE” foods contribute to my “metabolic clog” so it only makes sense that I choose more nutritious options and stop adding to the problem.  I will write more on SANE foods in a future post.

I have made so many healthy changes over the last year and I just couldn’t believe the weight doesn’t come off.  In fact, my abdominal circumference was bigger.  I committed more than a year ago to stop yo yo dieting and make changes for my health regardless of what the scale says.  So the fact that the scale was not moving and the fact that it sometimes moves in the wrong direction will not deter me from doing what is right for my health.  But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t discouraging.  I exercise 5 – 6 days a week.  I’ve eliminated most sugar from my diet.  I’ve eliminated all artificial sweeteners (even my formerly beloved treat the Diet Coke).  I eat 6 to 7 cups of vegetables per day.  I stopped eating potatoes so often.  I still have them but not as much as before.  So, why is my progress so pitiful?  Maybe wheat was the answer.  The more I read the more I thought this may be the key to jump start my progress again.  It was a challenging thought because wheat is in so many foods.

The one thing that is helpful in this challenge is that my husband is doing this along with me.  As with any idea of eliminating something from your life, you naturally start thinking about it all the time. In the beginning we kept having moments where we exclaim something like, “oh, no, this means we can’t have spaghetti,” or “Yikes! No more deli sandwiches (especially not  the one I call the “crack sandwich”).  So, we are re-thinking our menu.  We tried spaghetti with brown rice pasta.  It was good – the texture was a little different, but not so different that we couldn’t enjoy it.  I think it would even be yummy to have the marinara meat sauce poured over vegetables instead of noodles.  And I think when I get my sandwich next time I will put the ingredients over a salad instead of eating it on bread.  The other issue is that there is wheat or wheat derivatives in so many products like seasoning packets or salad dressing.  I will be reading labels for a while to figure out all the little places it’s hiding.  Eventually I will work on getting the kids to eat less wheat, but for now I will learn and practice it myself.

My wheat belly results:

After one month wheat free I lost 5 pounds and 4 inches off my waist.  Eliminating wheat was the only thing I had changed that month.  Losing inches in my waist tells me that it is FAT that I’m losing and not water weight or muscle tissue.   I am so motivated now that there is no way I’m adding it back in to my diet.  If that was truly the key to starting to burn fat again, I am sold!  I will continue to track my progress and continue to learn to eat foods that are the most nutritious.  You can take my word for it but I highly recommend you get the book and read it for yourself.  You can get it here:
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

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4 thoughts on “I Have a Wheat Belly!

  1. That book changed my life! I knew something was up with wheat and that it’s not that great for you but it wasn’t until I stopped I realized how much havoc it caused me besides the stomach issues. Suddenly all my energy came back, my brain didn’t feel foggy and yes, that tummy flab just melted right off. I couldn’t figure out where that came from, being a very active and athletic person, but it’s that sugar/insulin roller coaster that wheat cause. I’m staying away from any grains now in general as most cause a similar sugar/insulin roller coaster. Hence, why gluten free alternatives are not that healthy as they cause similar spikes. Hope you took to heart the chapter on oats too. Scary stuff. During a two year period I ate tons of oats. Kept having skin issues, thought it was maybe just life. Not long after I stopped eating oats my skin cleared up. Everyone should read this book. Great review.
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    • Thank you for posting about your experience. I would love for more folks to know about the harm they are doing to thinking they are picking a healthy option.