Vegetable of the Week – Rutabaga

Today I tried my newest veggie adventure – the lowly rutabaga. Before this I never even knew what one looked like or what I might do with one. I found a recipe in Sunset magazine and went to the store. It turns out that the rutabaga is a root vegetable that looks very similar to a turnip (which I have never tried either). In researching the rutabaga, I learned that most of the world calls the rutabaga a swede.  I like that name better…not that it matters. In Scotland they call them neeps.  Now that’s fun to say.

When I cut it open it kind of smelled like a raw potato and a little bit like raw cabbage.  I chopped them up like I would a potato and made a rutabaga hash with onions, jalapeno, celery cilantro and bacon and served it with eggs.  It was very yummy and I’ll definitely be eating them again.  They have less calories and carbs than a regular potato so they can be a good substitute.

Rutabaga Hash
Hash and Eggs

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