Tips for Portion Control

21 Day Fix yogurtPortion control can be a key part of managing your weight. Portion control is especially important for the less nutritious foods that we may choose to eat. I don’t think anyone ever got fat by eating too much spinach. So when it comes to non-starchy vegetables I really don’t think it’s worth fussing about whether or not we are eating too much. For high carbohydrate foods we tend to need to exercise portion control. I know I can mindlessly eat a whole lot of Cheetos or mashed potatoes and not get many nutrients in the process. Here are some tips for managing our portions.


I find that if I get too hungry I tend to overeat. So if I get home from work and it will be some time until dinner, I may eat a little snack if I’m hungry. If I wait and avoid the snacking, I find that I will eat too much at dinner. And it’s not the veggies that I’m overeating! A sliced apple with some natural peanut butter provides some great nutrients and keeps me from overeating at dinner.

TV time

I find that if I am going to snack while watching TV it’s best to only bring a small portion in the room and limit myself to just that serving. Otherwise I can mindlessly put away way too many calories.

Eating out

When I eat out I like to order dishes that come with enough food to bring home for lunch for the next day. The trick is to divide the food right from the start so I don’t eat too much the first night. You can even ask for a to go box at the beginning of the meal and package half of it up right away.

Tempting foods

If I have foods in my home that tempt me (usually for my kids) I keep them in a separate cabinet. It’s actually a cabinet in my hallway that I’m sure was intended to be a linen closet. I am perfectly capable of going to this cabinet and getting into the snack foods but for some reason I don’t. It has really been instrumental in keeping me out of foods like chips and crackers and making better choices.

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