Meal Planning: Healthy Meals Made Simple

Have you ever wished someone would just tell you what to buy and what to eat for weight loss success? The online meal planner you receive with a paid membership with Team Beachbody may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Here is a snapshot of a meal plan.

Meal plan overviewYou will notice that one meal or snack per day is replaced with Shakeology.  When you set up your meal plan, you select whether or not you will be drinking Shakeology – it is an optional part of the meal plan program.   Personally I prefer to include it.  It’s a fantastic way to get more veggies and superfoods in each day.   If you click on the name of each meal it will open the recipe like this:

Meal plan recipeBefore you print your shopping list you can trade out any meals that you don’t like.  For example, I don’t like seafood so I would trade out any meals that included seafood.  Once you like the plan for the week you click on the shopping list and delete any items that are already in your pantry.  Then just print the list and you have an easy plan for success for the week!

meal plan shopping

Team Beachbody® makes it easy to plan everything you’re going to eat, so you’ll always have delicious food that supports your fitness and your weight loss program. You can figure out your personal nutrition requirements, build and print out menus and shopping lists, and make sure you have plenty of variety so you’ll never get bored.

In addition to your meal planner you also receive a 10% discount on all Beachbody products as well as tips and recipes, VIP access to Beachbody celebrity trainers, question & answer sessions and special articles.

Risk Free

You can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund.  Get started today!red_buynow

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