Help, My Weight is Stuck!

Yikes!  Not another weight loss plateau…my weight is stuck!

My scale has not moved in a few weeks despite exercising daily. The old me would have felt defeated and I would have sabotaged myself. Instead I am looking at what I am doing and evaluating where I can make a change to move my progress forward. My biggest weakness right now is related to the things I am eating. I find myself slipping back into old food behaviors.

In the past I have read many articles about issues with food. Many of them have little quizzes you can take that help you evaluate why you eat too much.  They all have questions like,

Do you eat when you are happy?

Do you eat when you are sad?

Do you eat when you are lonely?

Do you eat when you are bored?

Do you eat because there’s food in front of you?

…and many variations of the above.

The problem with these quizzes for me are that my answers are always yes, yes, yes…all of the above.  I eat because I like to eat.  I don’t like the results but I do it anyway.  Even when I am not hungry.  In many cases I’m not choosing healthy foods.  I choose fatty, salty, sugary foods that I have been trying to eliminate from my diet.

So why do I do it?  Why do I have this rebellious, self destructive streak in me?  In Romans 7:15 Paul says “ I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.”  I strongly believe that this is a spiritual battle more than a physical one.  The eating is just a symptom of the battle between my flesh and my spirit.

My strategies for success with getting a grip on my food behaviors when my weight is stuck:

1.  Most important I must feed my spirit – Spend more time in the Word and in worship – this is what I truly crave

2.  Keep my pantry stocked with healthy, nourishing foods – This increases the chance that I will make good choices

3.  Make sure that I am getting the nutrients my body needs – This helps to reduce cravings. Your body will send hunger signals even when it is full if it is missing vital nutrients.

4.  Have a splurge once a week – I do better when I don’t deprive myself of the things that I consider treats

5.  Stay hydrated – thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger

6.  Be accountable to others – having a support system around me helps to keep me focused toward my goals

7.  Stay off the scale for a bit – stop obsessing about the number and do the things that I know will make me successful

8.  Shake things up – try a different workout, experiment with new healthy dishes

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3 thoughts on “Help, My Weight is Stuck!

  1. Such great info here, Tammy. Most of us have way too many reasons for eating, other than nourishment for our bodies. I’m working on that myself, and your ideas here will help a lot!

  2. Great post! I have been stuck for a couple weeks. I assumed it was because I have been carrying some stress though. Time to push myself and consider the questions you asked above!
    Shell recently posted…Pressing ForwardMy Profile