Goji Berry – Superfood

Goji Berry/WolfberryGoji berry is a delicious, versatile superfood that is a great addition to your meal plan.  Goji Berries are also known as the Wolfberry and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years.   The berries can be eaten raw, cooked or dried.  Goji berries are high in antioxidants and they contain 11 essential minerals and 22 trace minerals, 18 amino acids and 6 essential vitamins. They are a complete source of protein.

Goji berries can be used in many ways.  They can be eaten alone or used in cereal, smoothies, salads, etc.  Eating foods high in antioxidants like Goji berries may slow the aging process by minimizing cell damage due to free radicals.  Goji berries are rich in vitamin A which is important for growth and development, the immune system and good vision.  It is touted as a longevity and strength building food.  I get goji berries in my Shakeology along with many other delicious superfoods.

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