Getting Enough Protein for Weight Loss

proteinAre you getting enough protein?

Many times when trying to lose weight people skimp on their protein. They do it to save calories but what they are doing is, in fact, slowing down their metabolism. A good starting point is about 4 ounces at each meal and 2 ounces at each snack. Men and people who are putting on muscle may need more protein. Having enough protein also helps to reduce sugar cravings. For more information about the best sources of protein you can read my post here.

Here are some easy ideas to increase your protein:

For breakfast you can scramble 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white. 

One of my favorite snacks is some plain Greek yogurt with half a scoop of whey protein mixed in and a few unsalted nuts for a some high quality fats and a nice crunch. It is so good for you and feels a bit like dessert. Sometimes I’ll add a little fruit as well.

Organic, grass fed meats are a great option for protein.

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