One Week Clean Eating Challenge Starts June 12, 2014

clean eating challengeDo you struggle with clean eating or knowing WHAT to eat? I am putting together a one-week clean eating challenge that starts on Thursday, June 12. I will provide the shopping list and the menu to take the guess work out of nutrition. We’ll finish up just in time for the next weekend!

For one week we will be sharing with you meal ideas and grocery lists for your to move towards CLEANER EATING. You will benefit by learning what foods may seem healthy but maybe aren’t that good for you. We’ll take a look at what your metabolism is doing to either work FOR you or AGAINST you in your health/fitness goals. Finally, we’ll make sure you have recipes that will not only work for YOU but for your entire family (especially dinner ideas). Glad you are joining us!

I last did this right before Memorial Day weekend, and that group was AMAZING! Everyone that put in the work saw results…they lost an average of 3 lbs and 2 inches off their waist and love handles….pretty great stuff!

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3 thoughts on “One Week Clean Eating Challenge Starts June 12, 2014

  1. It’s always so refreshing when you get a solid chunk of time with eating clean. My wife and I have done it on and off so much that it’s pretty well engrained in our everyday eating habits. Best of luck to you and others on this challenge!!