31 Days to Better Nutrition

Day 1 of 31 Days to Better Nutrition

better nutritionOne of my major goals for this blog is to be a resource for people who want to improve their health by focusing on high quality nutrition, effective exercise and taking all around better care of themselves. One thing I have struggled with is consistency on the blog. So when the 31 days challenge came around I jumped at the chance to practice some writing discipline while building some resources on the blog. I chose the topic of better nutrition for the month because nutrition counts for around 80% of your success. Proper nutrition fuels you and allows your body to repair. Poor nutrition starves your body (even if you are overweight you can be malnourished) and causes other harmful effects.

I have lots of ideas of topics for the month, but I would love to hear your suggestions for topics as well. Each day I will link the new post to this page so you can bookmark it and check back for topics that interest you. I would love for you to leave a comment on any posts that are helpful to you or feel free to ask questions.

Day 2 – “Just Eat Less” isn’t Working

Day 3 – Do You Need an Accountability Partner or a Cheerleader?

Day 4 – Planning Low Carb and High Protein Snacks for Success

Day 5 – Cheesy Garlic Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Day 6 – What Teaching Diabetes Class Awakens in Me

Day 7 – Gluten Free – Not Always the Best Option

Day 8 – Time for Some Real Talk – Taking Nutrition Seriously

Day 9 – Pumpkin Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Day 10 – Struggling With Your Weight? Quick Tip for Biggest Impact on Your Metabolism

Day 11 – Looking for Portion Control? 21 Day Fix Can Help

Day 12 – Carbs are Not the Enemy – What are Carbohydrates?

Day 13 – The Cost of Diabetes

Day 14 – missed

Day 15 – One Week No Junk Food Challenge

Day 16 – missed

Day 17 – October Clean Eating Challenge

Day 18 – Nutrition Quotes

Day 19 – Diabetes Survival Skills – Recognize and Treat Hypoglycemia

Day 20 – My Favorite Nutrition Books

Day 21 – Getting Enough Protein for Weight Loss

Day 22 – Mindful Eating

Day 23 – missed

Day 24 – Eating Healthfully When Eating Out

Day 25 – My New Vegetable Discoveries

Day 26 – Chia Seeds – Powerful Superfood

Day 27 – 21 Days to Better Eating with Simple Portion Control

Day 28 – Enter to Win Shakeology

Day 29 – The Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary

Day 30 – Tips for Portion Control

Day 31

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