Empty Shelf Challenge – Everything but the Posts

Empty Shelf Challenge

The next book I read for my Empty Shelf Challenge was Everything but the Posts by Becca Ludlum. This book is a quick read and a great resource for bloggers. There is good stuff in here whether you are a new blogger or whether you have been doing this for a while. Becca includes blogging tips for everyone. Even though I read through the book in just a couple of evenings there is a wealth of information that I will be returning to again and again.

The book starts out with the basics on setting up your blog. Even if your blog is up and running there may be some gems in this section for you. The next section deals with building up your community. Over the last year I have learned just how important community can be in every area of your life. Building engagement with your readers is essential for the success of your blog. The last section is about monetizing your blog. Blogging for fun is great, but if you are doing it as part of building a business you will want to read this section.

You can get Becca’s book on Amazon by clicking the picture at the top of the post (I am an Amazon affiliate) or you can go directly to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can also learn more about Becca on her blog My Crazy Good Life.


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