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Are mornings a struggle for you? They are for me. I’m a recovering night owl and I’ve worked hard over the last year or so to make my mornings better. I implemented something new this week that I think will be really good for me. It’s an evening routine that I adapted from the Stone Soup for Five blog. It is a nice way of wrapping up the day and setting myself up for a successful morning. I try to pack so much in my mornings that often times I get overwhelmed when I can’t get it all done. I’ve made a list that I have been doing for the last week and I will make adjustments to the routine as necessary. Most of the items are for me but the first item is for the whole family.

For step one, the family gets involved in a 10 minute clean up. We have been doing this for several of days and it has worked out so well. We are doing it right after dinner before anyone gets involved in anything else and before the teenager goes and hides in her room. I set the time for 10 minutes and we all go around the house picking up things we have left out throughout the day. If we get done before the time is up, each person can work on other chores like cleaning their rooms, sweeping, dishes, etc. I’ve been amazed at how much work gets done in those few minutes. The kids have complained a bit, but at the same time they get a lot done. It’s been a pretty satisfying new habit and my husband likes it since he gets tired of nagging the kids to pick up their belongings.

Below is the list of the other tasks I’m completing in the evening. When school starts, I will get the kids on a similar routine so they can have easier mornings as well.

Set out Bible study materials. It’s easy to get distracted early in the morning and this helps to ensure that I start with what’s most important before moving on to my business related tasks.

Wash face, brush teeth, floss. My husband has trouble sleeping and sometimes goes to bed before I do. If I don’t get in the bedroom early enough, I’m reluctant to wake him up to do these tasks. Doing it as part of an earlier routine ensures it gets done. 

Fill Keurig with water and fill reusable dispenser with ground coffee. This makes my first mission of the day simple. Just push start when I wake up.

Sweep if not done during 10 minute clean up. We have hardwood floors and a dog that sheds like crazy. Using the Swiffer a couple of times a day is a necessity. So far the kids have done this during the 10 minute clean up time because it’s easy.

Laundry – the main purpose of putting this on my list is to make sure clothes don’t sit in the washer and get stinky in this heat. 

Prep lunch for morning. This a key piece of not only making morning easier, but ensuring that I take healthy foods to work.

Personal development. I usually do this in the morning, but if I didn’t get it done in the morning then it will be part of my evening routine. Personal development can be reading a book, listening to a podcast, doing a business training, or anything that adds to my personal and professional growth.

Do you have an evening routine that works for you?





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