500 Words Per Day for 30 Days

Writing 500 words per day

Writing 500 words per day

I joined a challenge for the month of January 2014 to write 500 words per day.  I want to be a better writer and the only way to be a better writer is to WRITE!  The challenge came from writer Jeff Goins.  You can read more here.

Getting better at writing means that I will be better at my job (I am a nurse educator) and it will make this blog more interesting to read.  Writing is therapeutic.  Some things I write may never be seen by anyone else.  Some days I will be writing to check things off my to do list (“write blog post”), other days I may be writing to get something off my chest.  The bottom line is that I will write.  I did my first writing yesterday, January 1 and it was easy to get out around 350 words.  Then I had to push myself to keep going.  I am going to have to be focused to meet this goal.  This morning, because the kids are out of school, I would have been able to “sleep in” a little longer, but I set my alarm early in order to meet my goals.  I was able to get some ramblings down on paper, write a new blog post, edit a blog post and organize my thoughts.  It feels great to have so much accomplished before anyone else in the house is out of bed.

Are you a writer?  Do you want to be a writer?  Then write! Even if you want to just journal for the next 30 days – join the challenge.  If you will be sharing your writing publicly, put the link in the comments so I can follow along.


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