Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the leanest, hardest body you’ve ever had.

INSANITY® is a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program that’s perhaps the most intense workout ever put on DVD.Fitness expert Shaun T drew on his collegiate track and field training plus his subsequent years of experience as an elite trainer to create a program that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level. Just as P90X is the height of resistance training, so INSANITY is the pinnacle of cardio training.

Why is it effective?

Interval training allows you to beat the “stress adaptation response,” which is what happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion and stops improving. An interval workout includes a set where you perform at your maximum, followed by one of lower intensity, with the cycle repeated to achieve a cumulative effect. INSANITY uses MAX Interval Training which replaces your moderate intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and your short intervals of intensity with short periods of rest. Adding high-intensity exercise, during which your heart rate is raised to 80 percent or more of its maximum capacity, forces your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise. INSANITY’s high-intensity activity is likely to have you working out at over 85% of your maximum, instead of the lower rate recommended in other programs. As a result, you’ll experience faster increases in fitness and more efficient burning of carbohydrates and fat—as much as 1,000 calories per hour.


Month one DVDs: 5 workouts, about 30 minutes per day

• These 5 intense workouts will scorch fat all over,using extreme cardio, plyometrics, and MAXinterval training.

• Strength training and power moves will create lean, sculpted muscle and upper body definition.  An equally intense ab routine helps you build a rock-hard core, while the slightly easier Cardio Recovery workout refreshes you one day a week.

Month 2 DVDs:4 workouts, about 45-60 minutes per day

• In the second month, the workouts get even sweatier and more intense. You’ll maximize your cardio conditioning, get your legs crazy strong with plyo intervals, and keep peeling off the pounds.  Max Recovery gives you a much-needed rest one day a week.

Bonus Workout

• Cardio Core & Balance – includes sports-specific drills to make you look and feel like a professional athlete

INSANITY Resources:

• Fitness Guide includes your Fit Test and gets you working out fast

• Elite Nutrition Plan provides tips and recipes to fuel your intense training

• Wall Calendar helps you track your workouts

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