Plodding Along…Thankful for My Weaknesses

StarsHave you ever felt like you’re working hard and getting nowhere?

I feel like this frequently.  Tonight I was doing my walk/run after my Asylum workout.  I’m not a runner and I don’t think I’ll ever be, but I’m trying to improve my fitness in many different areas.  I walk for a few minutes and then run for one minute.  I repeat that cycle for a total of 20 minutes.  I’ll be working on increasing the run time over the next few weeks.  So, tonight I was plodding along at my usual snail’s pace (which I call running) and I was feeling a bit discouraged.  When I was almost done, I happened to look up at the sky and saw zillions of beautiful stars.  My focus changed in an instant.  It’s amazing how shifting from looking down (staring at the sidewalk and concentrating on my gasping breath) to looking up and seeing the bigger picture can change a person’s perspective.    Suddenly I was reminded of creation and a wonderful creator who placed me in it.  I could hear my children who were riding their bikes alongside me and arguing with each other and I was thankful that they were out being active and supporting my efforts.  I was even thankful for my weaknesses.  I was thankful that I struggle with eating right and exercising because it forces me to rely on God instead of on myself.  It also gives me an opportunity to help others because I truly know how hard it is.  Please contact me if I can support you in your struggles and your weaknesses or if you just want to encourage me as I work on mine!

Here is the running plan I’m working on.  Click on it to see it bigger.




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4 thoughts on “Plodding Along…Thankful for My Weaknesses

  1. This is so good. This is so true. You are catching the “penguin” philosophy. And remember, you are running SO much faster than those who are still sitting on the couch!