Perspective From the Nosebleed Seats: Great Expectations

Great Expectations

baseballLast month we had an opportunity to attend a Dodger’s baseball game.  My 10 year old has never been to a big league game and he is a complete baseball freak.  He was so excited about getting to see “his Dodgers.”  When we where choosing our tickets online, we found that most of the seats in the area we wanted to sit were already sold out.  I mentioned that we might need to sit in the “nosebleed” seats.  My son started to cry – his little heart already breaking.  I tried to explain to him that even the nosebleed seats are incredibly fun.  He just wasn’t buying it.  We ended up finding better tickets (of course, spending more money than we had planned).

Once we got to the stadium, we stood near the top level and looked down over the field.  My son was in awe of actually being there.  I said to him, “see, even the nosebleed seats are awesome.”  He just looked at me, grinning.  We went down to our seats and had a great day together.

The whole situation stuck in my mind.  How many times have I been upset that things didn’t meet the level of my expectations?  Sometimes I am missing out on an awesome experience right in front of me because I’m looking back at what could have been.  Parenting is a great way to experience life’s little lessons all over again.

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3 thoughts on “Perspective From the Nosebleed Seats: Great Expectations

  1. Such a great reminder! Do you think your son thought he’d actually get a nosebleed in the nosebleed seats? That would have made me cry too!! 🙂