P90X2 Total Body Review

This past weekend I started a hybrid program combining P90X2 and Insanity the Asylum.  This first workout was very different from P90X.  I really liked it but it was humbling.  The moves are tough.  Instead of just weight training it combines balance moves that use your entire body.  I found it fun and VERY challenging.  I loved P90X but I was getting bored with the workouts after doing them for so long.  The exercises in X2 look simple until you try them.  The myriad of balance moves takes a simple exercise like a tricep kickback and adding a balance component which turns it into a total body exercise.  I felt pretty clumsy doing this one and I’m looking forward to making great improvements as time goes on.  The way this workout is designed is perfect for meeting my goals to work towards improving my fitness levels.

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