My Space for Working Out at Home

I feel blessed to have plenty of space to do my workouts.  Until recently I did my workouts in high traffic areas of my home.  Most recently it was in my dining room.  It was sometimes challenging for the kids to get back to their rooms when mom was doing push up jacks in the walkway.  Now I have a separate room that serves as a workout room and a craft room.  For this post I will give you a breakdown of what is in my room. If you want to read more about why I like to work out at home read my related post here.

The room we are using has a tile floor so we needed to get an area rug before we could start using it for our exercise.  We found a bargain at Lowes.  We were able to buy a display model of a discontinued rug.  We got a $200 rug for $39.  Yay for bargains!

We have been buying dumbbells little by little – one set at a time. Someday we’ll have a complete set.  We also need to build or buy a rack to store them on.  It’s not a necessity but it would be nice.  The step, ball and the resistance bands are not used for the most part in the workouts we are doing.  It is just equipment we have purchased in the past.  Occasionally I will use the resistance band looped over our pull up bar but not very often.

We moved an old TV and cheap DVD player in the room. My husband and I do Beachbody workouts like P90X and Insanity so the TV/DVD is a must. If you do your own thing, then you won’t need these items.

If you are going to do P90X, a pull up bar is part of the necessary equipment. There are many pull up bars that can be installed easily in a door frame. Before we had our workout room, we would put up our pull up bar for the workout and then take it down afterwards. Now we can leave it up all the time which makes it very convenient. I have also purchased a pull up assist device that makes it easier for me to attempt to do pull ups and make progress. One nice thing about having this room is that my kids tend to go back there and get some exercise. I think it is so important to be an example for your kids and to encourage them to be active as well.


I use the tracking sheets and calendars that are provided with the workouts. Tracking sheets help me keep track of my progress. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. When I am doing a workout with dumbbells it is helpful to know what weight I used last time and whether I thought that was the right weight for me or whether I was ready to move up. The other reason I like tracking sheets is that it helps me to see my progress. Sometimes I can get discouraged when I feel like the scale isn’t moving or I feel like I had a wimpy workout. I can look at the sheets and see how far I have come.

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