Fulfilling Your Passion: Just Start

PassionPassion is defined as a powerful, compelling emotion such as love or hate; a strong liking or desire or devotion to some activity, object or concept.  Passion is an interesting word because you can be passionately in love or you can be passionately angry.  Passion is a good thing.  It indicates that there is momentum.  It is easier to work with someone who still has passion even if it is in a negative direction.  It is so much more difficult to reach someone who has become apathetic.

What are you passionate about?  Can you use your passion to give you the momentum to do something great?  You can, you just have to START.

I have been reading the book START by Jon Acuff.  The book is all about getting off the road to average and using your passions to switch lanes and enter the road to AWESOME!  We all used to be awesome.  I know when I was a kid, I was awesome.  It was why I always told the adults in my life, “Watch me! Watch me!”  In those moments, on the edge of the pool, I knew that I was about to be awesome and they didn’t want to miss it.

So when did I derail and decide that the road to average was good enough?  When did I decide that I was no longer awesome and I just wanted to blend in and fit in? It was so long ago that I’ve arrived at a place where I’ve aspired to be average.  Well…..I say no more!  God has created me to be more and to do more.  Not just more “stuff” but more awesome.  Awesome looks different for each person and will change throughout your life.  But life doesn’t have to be boring and average.  Bring on the awesome!

I was invited through a very cryptic email from author Jon Acuff to participate  called  the Start Experiment.  I’m not really sure how this is going to look, but he is going to challenge us over the next few weeks to take a risk and do something that moves us towards our awesome.  For me…for now…my awesome involves helping others develop healthy habits:  better food choices & more activity.  Too many people are suffering from health conditions that could be improved by improving those two areas in their lives.  I have struggled with my weight for years and the traditional diet advice has not worked.  Even things that worked for the short term were not sustainable for me and resulted in yo yo dieting, unhealthy habits and frequently disappointing myself.   I hope you will follow along in my journey to get to a healthier place and encourage others to do the same.  Let’s START!

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