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“Fear Fears Community” ~ Jon Acuff

This week I have been part of a wonderful experiment. Author Jon Acuff threw about 2600 people into a Facebook group. The one thing we all had in common was the desire to START something. Something new, something small, something big, something we were afraid of, something we thought we couldn’t pull off – it didn’t matter the size or the importance of the risk. It only mattered that we were ready to go for it. The experiment is actually set to last 24 days but so much has already been accomplished in the group. Fear The daily assignments are small, but oh, so powerful. “Little” things like writing your fears down on paper. I found that the fears somehow had less power when written. Fears like

What if I never lose the weight?
What if I lose only to gain it back again and look like a fool to all the people I’ve encouraged?
What if I start this whole thing and not finish it – like so many other things in my life?
Who am I to write a blog? an eBook? What makes me such an expert?
What if I’m successful and I make money and it ruins me? What if, what if, what if?

We were actually in the private Facebook group for about 10 days before the assignments started rolling in. An amazing thing started to happen. People started making connections, sharing, supporting each other. Each day the excitement built and many people started their goals early. Just the idea of the experiment was enough to get people moving, connecting, and facing their fears. By the time we actually had to start listing our fears we had already built quite a community of support. We realized most of our fears were shared by many and we could learn from others’ experiences. Some of the members had their fears realized during this process – a loss of a job, rejection, disappointment. But, the group has been rallying around each other and supporting each other and sometimes even pitching in to help.

My goal for this START experiment project is to write an eBook titled Kick-Start to Healthy Habits – a 7 day plan to a Healthier You (or something to that effect). I am writing about simple things that you can do to improve your nutrition and fitness habits. Even writing this makes me nervous. Is it too simple? Will anyone think it’s helpful? I’m not a writer – what was I thinking? Every time I work on it, those fears creep in. I am deciding to push through anyway. It is what it is and I WILL finish this goal. My true desire is that it will help someone to make changes that will benefit them. I truly want to help and encourage others in their journey to health and fitness. If you are willing to read this when I am finished and give me some honest feedback, I’d love to send you a copy. Just fill out the form below to request a pre-release copy. There! I put that out there! Eeek!

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