Craving Fitness: Introduction

So, what does craving fitness mean to me?  In a nutshell it means that I’m giving up the craving for weight loss and exchanging it for craving a lifestyle of taking care of the body God gave me in the way He intended.  It means acknowledging my craving for Him first of all and seeking after Him with all that I am.  It means that I am worrying less about the number on the scale.  It means I am fueling my body with whole foods and exercising to keep my body functioning at its peak.  It means I am connecting with others who can help me on this journey and whom I can help as well.  This all sounds great, but it is a daily battle.  It is not yet accomplished and it is not easy.

I have spent a lifetime craving food and the comforts that I thought it gave me.  I was wrong and I was self-destructive.  Why?  I have no idea.  It is so easy to slip into old patterns of behavior and writing this is a way of attempting to develop new habits and new patterns that can carry me to the finish line.  The chorus of one of my new favorite songs says so much about the way I want to feel about myself.  The song is called I am New by Jason Gray:


“Forgiven, Beloved

Hidden in Christ

Made in the image of the Giver of Life

Righteous and holy

Reborn and remade

Accepted and worthy

This is our new name”


Now to figure out how to live like these lyrics describe me.

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