Advantages to Working Out at Home

home workoutsWhy home workouts?

Working out in my own home has become my preferred fitness activity.  For me it has made all the difference since it eliminates many of the excuses I could come up with for not working out.  I have been able to stay on track to get at least 30 minutes of activity 6 days a week.  Recently I have been able to set up a dedicated workout room, but it has not always been that convenient.  Up until this week I have been working out in my dining room in the midst of all my family’s activities.  My son enjoys watching me do P90X “wacky jacks” and having a little giggle at Mommy’s expense.  He knows not to tease me too much or I will make him do it with me. Eventually it will double as a crafting space as well but for now I’m spoiled rotten!  Working out at home is convenient, low cost, more private than a gym and provides a great example for my family.


  • No driving to the gym
  • I can workout any time of day – even before I’ve had my shower and I still have “bed head”
  • No waiting for equipment

Good Example

  • My kids see me working out and even join in at times
  • Encourages my husband to get his workout in for the day

Low Cost

  • No membership or class fee
  • Once I buy a workout DVD or equipment it can be used for years and for multiple family members


  • No one in the gym is watching me
  • I can attempt difficult exercises (like pullups, which are my nemesis) in the privacy of my own home
  • No one in the gym is rushing me…If I am needing to take more time with an exercise, I am not feeling pressured to hurry by someone waiting for the equipment that I am using

So, do you workout at home or in a gym?  What are your favorite workouts at home?


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3 thoughts on “Advantages to Working Out at Home

    • Thank you for your comment, Brian. You make a great point about the Shakeology – fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.