Obstacles or Opportunities?

JayHewitt2009With New Year’s resolutions right around the corner it’s a good tome to talk about overcoming obstacles.  In November I participated at a vendor’s table during a diabetes symposium.    Teaching about diabetes is one of my passions.  I was representing the hospital where I work and it was part of my job, but it felt more like a privilege.   I met so many fantastic people.Yes, I was working on a Saturday but I got to listen to several great presenters and learn more about how I can help people facing diabetes or at risk for diabetes.

One of the presenters was a man named Jay Hewitt.  Jay was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 24.  After his diagnosis he began running triathalons, including the daunting Iron Man triathalon to prove that diabetes could not stop him from achieving his dreams.  He not only began running triathalons but he made the U.S. National Team.  His attitude about his diabetes impressed me the most.  This quote from his website (jayhewitt.com) sums it all up.  “To me racing Ironman with diabetes is an opportunity, not an obstacle. An opportunity to discover how strong you are, to prove that you have the discipline and determination to achieve your personal and professional goals no matter what the obstacles, and set an example for others. There will always be challenges in business and life so turn a negative into a positive. Use it as motivation. There are a lot worse things that could happen to us in life, so we must play the cards we are dealt. The more we must overcome, the greater the satisfaction and pride when we do. That pride lasts so much longer than the pain, and reaching your personal and business Finish Line requires balance, determination and Finish Line Vision.”

Do you have a vision of your finish line?  What barriers do you see that you will need to overcome to cross over that finish line?  I hope this lesson from Jay will help you realize that your barriers may actually be opportunities.

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