The Help Experiment – It’s Time to Give

HelpExperimentI’ve written before about my involvement in the START experiment.  One of the many wonderful things to come out of the START experiment (now renamed Dreamers & Builders) is the Help Experiment.  The Vision of The Help Experiment is this:  “We are a collective of individuals joining together to help others. We do it because we can, we do it because we should, and we do it because we think… you would too.”

The concept is so simple but the results are so powerful.  Give what you can give.  Take what you need.

Many things have been accomplished on this simple but powerful Facebook page.  From people buying Christmas presents for a needy family to people offering to send a card of encouragement, the page is full of people helping people.  Financial counseling, fitness coaching, website building, prayers, all are available on the page.  There is no catch. The people who offer their products and services have no expectation of building their business – they just want to bless others.  I encourage you to check out the page.  If you have something to offer, read the rules, fill out the offer form and you will be contacted by a page admin.  If you find an offer that would be helpful for you, claim it!  It’s that easy.  Find us at

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