Willpower vs. Building Good Habits

Credit: John.Schultz

Credit: John.Schultz

Good habits = successfully meeting your goals.

Willpower is exhaustible. It wears down throughout the day like a fatigued muscle. Even mental stress wears out our willpower. It’s no wonder so many people struggle with giving in to the munchies by the afternoon and evening. Stop relying on willpower and start working on building habits – then good choices become automatic.

Building habits happen when there is a perceived reward. My reward for accomplishments was always food. I have to work to choose better rewards. Sometimes it’s a tangible reward like new clothes when I lose fat, but more often it’s the intangibles that work for me. I have really learned to enjoy the sense of satisfaction after a workout as well as feeling the new muscles I’m building.

Another way to build healthier habits is to connect them to your values. Sometimes we know the right thing to do but we don’t do it because we don’t believe in the value. One example of how to use this to your benefit is to educate yourself about the food you eat. It gives you additional reasons to make better choices. As you learn more about organic foods, GMOs, unhealthy ingredients and how eating real food can make a difference you will be more likely to form new habits.

Two things that have  produced fantastic results for me is tapping in to the power of accountability and the habit of  breaking goals down into small achievable action plans. In light of that I have put together a 30 day email challenge to help others through the same process. This challenge is appropriate for ANYONE who wants to improve in the area of health, nutrition and fitness.

Join the Craving Fitness 30 day challenge to focus on build good habits in your life.

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