December Squat-a-thon

Squat Challenge
I have been participating in a squat-a-thon this month that someone posted on Facebook. When I decided to join the challenge, I posted it on my Facebook page in order to be accountable to others. I was amazed as the posts on my page and others went viral and now there are so many people joining in the challenge. It’s just that easy – commit, let others know what you are doing, and pretty soon everyone is joining in the challenge to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not too late – join in the December challenge and start squatting! Your quads, hamstrings and glutes may thank you. Comment below if you are participating!

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5 thoughts on “December Squat-a-thon

    • It’s going great. I’m up to 85 squats today. It has made me start thinking about what I should challenge myself with next month.