Accountability for Successfully Meeting Your Goals

Who Needs an Accountability Partner?

You do.  I do.  We need others to help keep us accountable for our goals.  This is true whether we’re talking about weight loss, fitness goals,  or  for moral behavior.  A true accountability partner does not coddle you and does not sabotage you.  They do not nag you.  They encourage you to push harder.  That person is not afraid to give honest advice, support and motivation.  They don’t let you give up even though many times quitting is easy.  An accountability partner is someone who can coach you to keep your commitments.  They are a positive influence for your success.  Your partner may be a spouse, a sibling, a friend or a coworker.  You can workout together or just report to each other how you have done each day on working towards your goals.  One thing great about today’s technology is you can connect with your accountability partner online.  You can connect virtually with a private Facebook page, emailing a progress report or logging your workouts online on something like the WOWY Supergym that is available when you get your free Beachbody account here.

Sometimes accountability partners come in the form of an accountability group.  One advantage of a group is the differing experience levels you will find.  Some people in the group may have met their goals and have great experience in overcoming the types of challenges you are facing.  Others in the group will have similar goals as you and will be walking the journey right alongside you.  Still others may be struggling more than you are and you can be a source of inspiration for them.  I am currently putting together an accountability group of no more than 6 people if you are interested in having others come alongside you on your fitness journey.  Comment below if you are interested.

When you are driving do you slow down when you see a police car?  If you know a teacher or boss will call on you tomorrow during a class or a meeting are you more likely to be prepared?  Do you tidy your house when company comes over?  If the answers to any of these questions is “yes” that means you will probably be receptive to accountability.  Studies have shown that people are 3 times more successful in losing weight when they have accountability partners.  Join my team to find out more about how fitness coaching and accountability can help you lose weight, get fit and reach your goals.

My accountability partner

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One thought on “Accountability for Successfully Meeting Your Goals

  1. Great post and I am in full agreement, an accountability is huge. If you have a goal (and we all should have them) then sharing that goal with others and helping to drive towards the goal post is huge. Thanks.