Ultimate Reset – Final Results

Ultimate ResetWell, I survived Ultimate Reset.  I went into it intending to stick with the program just as it was designed.  I ended up making some modifications at the end.  It just seemed right for me.  I think the program is wonderful and I’m very satisfied with my results.  The support provided by Beachbody and by others going through the same program were fantastic and I think that is a key reason this program is so awesome.  I lost a total of 10.6 pounds and went shopping for new pants – one size smaller!   I am adding some foods back in and other things I will keep out of my diet.  I plan to eliminate artificial sweeteners except for rare occasions.  I added coffee back in but not Diet Coke.  I plan to try to have vegetables with every meal and eat at least 7 servings of veggies a day as well as 2 servings of fruit.

Things I learned during the Reset:

I don’t like seaweed.

I like more vegetables than I thought I did.

I can live without Diet Coke.

My bladder works better without artificial sweeteners (I know, TMI, but it’s true).

I really can eat veggies at breakfast.

I like being thinner.

I don’t always have to eat what my family eats.

Just because there’s a bag of chips on the counter, I really DON’T have to have “just a few.”

God created food to sustain me, not to rule me.

Sometimes I need to rest and let my body repair.

Thank you to each and every one of you that encouraged me and supported my through this 21 day journey!



Ultimate Reset Day 16 – Workout Temptations

P90X2 & AsylumLook what came in the mail today!  I’m so excited!  My husband and I are going to start a hybrid program of P90X2 and Asylum.  I can’t work out until after the reset is over but I’m squirming to be able to try these out.  It’s a testament to how far I’ve come in the last 7 months.  I spent most of my life avoiding exercise, and now I’m bummed when I have to take a break from it.  Go figure!  It’s important not to do strenuous exercise during the reset though.  The body is working on cleansing, detoxing and repairing and if you do strenuous exercise you take energy away from the reset process.  So….I will be patient.  We also got the new Chocolate Shakeology formula.  They’ve improved the flavor and I’ve heard wonderful things about the improvements from friends.  I’ll have to wait on that too.  I can have a half serving of the vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology as a snack during the reset, but not the chocolate.

I am sticking with Ultimate Reset but with a modification.  I am still taking the supplements but I have added back in some of the items that were allowed in week 1.  I feel much better doing this.  I did have a cheat last night and made sliders for my family.  I ate one alongside a wonderful serving of roasted fennel and some fruit.  I had to go shopping this weekend for smaller clothes.  Yay me!

Ultimate Reset Day 14 Results

scaleHere we are at the end of Ultimate Reset Phase 2: Release.  I feel great.  My weight loss at the end of week 2 is 9.8 pounds.  I know I have lost inches all over because my clothes are fitting so much looser.  I will do my measurements after day 21.  I am happy that I get to stop drinking the Detox supplement.  I did get much better at drinking it though.  Tomorrow starts the final phase.  Phase 3: Rebuild.  This phase has a new supplement called Revitalize.  I am happy to see that it’s in capsule form and not powder form.  I will still be taking the Optimize, Oxygenize, Mineralize and Alkalinize.

I did end up modifying the eating plan this week.  Last night I just felt like I really needed some protein and couldn’t handle the thought of one more serving of quinoa or lentils.  I had some ground turkey with my 2 cups of steamed veggies for dinner.  I felt so much better after I ate it.  So, I decided after that to add a little bit of meat into my meals for the rest of the reset.  This really goes against the intention of the reset.  I realize that it will slow down my results, but I had to listen to my body.  It wasn’t a battle with the mind.  If it was strictly a mental battle I would be eating the sweets, chips and cheese that I have been craving. I am going to avoid those things for the remaining 21 days as well as staying away from coffee, Diet Coke and sugar.  I really admire the folks that are able to stick with the plan 100% with no straying.

My husband and I are going to start a hybrid program of P90X2 and Asylum.  I can’t wait!  I plan to start shortly after the reset is over.  One thing I’m looking forward to is working out at a lower weight.  I’m also excited to learn new exercises an challenge myself.


Ultimate Reset Day 10 -Hanging Tough

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

Okay.  Confession time.  This is getting hard.  Today is my 10th day on the reset.  I feel great.  I won’t reveal my weight loss until the end of Week 2 but let’s just say I’ve continued to make progress since my last post.  But I’m really missing my favorite foods.  I think if I was doing this on my own and didn’t have people helping me to stay accountable I would have given up by now.  But I’m still hanging in there.  The good news is that mid-day tomorrow I will be halfway done.  It’ll be all downhill from there.

Many of the meals are repeats so I haven’t taken pictures.  But the picture here is a new meal.  Quinoa Lentil Pilaf.  I liked it and it’s packed with protein.  Tomorrow I get to try Kabocha squash with Tahini.  I’ve never even heard of Kabocha squash so hopefully this will be a yummy adventure.  Most of the breakfasts this week have been fruit plates.  I’ve really enjoyed the fruit.

The new supplement this week is called Detox. This supplement is taken three times a day – 30 minutes before meals. I have a difficult time drinking this one. A fellow participant lovingly calls it “lemony dirt.” I must say that after drinking it three times a day for the last three days I am getting better at it. Thankfully Thursday will be my last dose of detox. Here is a video that explains more about the purpose.

Ultimate Reset Day 7 – One Third Done!

Invest in NutritionI’ve made it through the first week/first phase of the Reset. This phase was called Reclaim. This week focused on phasing out animal products. Tomorrow starts Phase 2 which is called Release. In this phase animal products are eliminated. Gone. No eggs, no meat, no dairy. This will be challenging. I have only had limited amounts this past week, but I will miss them when they are completely gone. Tomorrow I will start to take a new supplement – Detox. I will be taking it three times a day. Tomorrow at work may be interesting to say the least.

The best news is that I’m down 6 pounds since I started this.  I feel good and except for the one night of back pain I have slept really well.  My energy has been up the last couple of days.

Saturday will be challenging for me.  My grandson’s first birthday is being held at Round Table Pizza.  Pizza is definitely one of my weaknesses.  And frosting.  There will be cake and cupcakes…with frosting.  Thankfully the party is at 2 p.m. so I will have already had lunch.  Hopefully I can just visit with people and ignore the food.  My backup plan is to get some veggies from the salad bar, but I would rather not even do that.

Ultimate Reset Day 6 – Tried 3 New Recipes

Ultimate Reset Day 6Day 6 was pretty uneventful.  Breakfast and lunch were repeats from other days so I didn’t take photos.  Dinner was three new recipes: Roasted Vegetable Medley, Toasted Millet and Zucchini Cashew Soup.  The soup was my favorite.  I’m glad since it’s on the menu for tomorrow too.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  One of the nice things about trying all these recipes is that I’m being introduced to new things that I can keep on the family menu after the reset is over.  The roasted veggies were really good (except for the beets).  The toasted millet was OK.  I could take it or leave it. Until this week I thought that millet was only for birds!

Today was a work day. My energy was really good most of the day. I got sleepy after lunch but that’s pretty normal for me. I did have a snack this afternoon (green apple) but it was mostly because I forgot to eat my fruit with my oatmeal this morning. Tomorrow will be my last day of Phase 1. Phase 2 does not include any meats or eggs like Phase 1 did. That will make it even more challenging for me.

The video below explains another of the supplements included in the Ultimate Reset package. This one is called Alkalinize and it is the supplement that has been most challenging for me to get down. I’m getting better at it though! Alkalinize helps to restore the body’s pH balance and supports the immune system.

Ultimate Reset Day 5 – Feeling Full

Learning When to Stop Eating

Plenty of food

Plenty of food

Day 5 is done. I had some weird low back and glute pain last night.  It woke me up out of a dead sleep and I could not find a comfortable position that would relieve the pain.  My poor husband had to put up with me tossing and turning.  I have heard that detoxing can result in weird aches and pains, so I guess that’s what it was.  Today I did P90X X Stretch and foam rolling to try to work out whatever was going on.  Then I treated myself to a warm epsom salt bath.

I shopped for my Phase 2 food since I was off work today.  It’s amazing how many bags of veggies one person can eat.  I hope to find some more new recipes to keep after the reset.  Food was once again pretty good.  Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  VERY yummy quinoa salad for lunch along with raw veggies and hummus.  The hummus was a real treat – nice and creamy.  Dinner was a vegetable soup (substituted for the miso soup), stir fry veggies and brown rice.  I couldn’t finish any of the three meals.  I found myself trying very hard to finish the meals even beyond the point that I was full.  I don’t know why I do that, maybe it’s a control issue.  I’ve never starved a day in my life, but knowing that I just can’t run in the kitchen any old time and snack on something makes me want to eat all that’s on my plate.  I’m going to work on getting over that during the rest of this reset.  This kind of behavior has contributed to eating many more calories in the past and contributed to my weight gain.  Time to stop!

Ultimate Reset Day 4

Ultimate Reset – Day 4 – No More New Year’s Resolutions

No meat...and I lived!

No meat…and I lived!

Today I went to work for the first time since starting this adventure.  I was a bit apprehensive after hearing other people’s experiences trying to do this at work, but it went fine.  I actually had more energy today than I have the last 3 days so that helped as well.  I did have some feelings creep up today about how long 21 days really is.  I wasn’t craving any specific foods, but I was wishing for ANY of the things I’ve been doing without.  It’s amazing how quickly I can be tempted to give up.  But I stayed strong and got through it.

My meals were all good today.  Big plate of fruit, greek yogurt and a piece of whole wheat bread this morning for breakfast.  Microgreen salad and lentil salad for lunch.  Cucumber salad, stir fry veggies and quinoa for dinner.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and many people are making New Year’s Resolutions.  I can’t think of one resolution that I’ve ever kept long term.  I’ve been thinking about how this year I’ve been working on making permanent lifestyle changes and how I want to continue that trend into 2013.  Whatever goals I choose to work on I want to make sure that I am pleasing to God.  This video of a Chris Sligh song is one of my favorite songs and the lyrics fit my intentions perfectly.

Ultimate Reset – Day 3

Third Day of Ultimate Reset – Surviving Without Caffeine

Full and happy!

Full and happy!

The Reset has been fine so far.  I do miss drinking coffee and Diet Coke, but it hasn’t been as bad as I expected.  I really miss cheese right now.  It’s also tempting to reach in to the bags/boxes of snacks that my kids leave out – but I’ve resisted so far.  I’m very thankful to have a husband who is making the meals for himself and the kids so that I can reduce temptation to stray from the plan.  My daughter cooked some bacon tonight – the smell was sooooo wonderful.  I sometimes think it would be easier to do this if I was the only one in the house, but I really think it would be harder.  My family helps keep me accountable.  And my readers help keep me accountable – thank you!

Today’s breakfast was the same as Day 1 – eggs, toast and spinach.  This time I made the eggs over easy so that I could put them on top of the toast.  That way I didn’t have to eat the toast totally dry.  Lunch was a big microgreen salad and a yummy lentil dish.  It was too much food and I couldn’t finish the lentils.  Dinner was another matter.  I have learned that I do NOT like seaweed.  Not Nori, not Wakame, not in a house, not with a mouse, I do not like seaweed!  I was supposed to eat Nori Rolls tonight – I ended up eating the inside and taking the wrapper off.  I was also supposed to eat Miso Soup (with more seaweed) and I didn’t like it even without the seaweed.  A Japanese Cucumber Salad rounded off the meal.  I liked the cucumber very much.  Thankfully I was full after eating the cucumbers and the deconstructed Nori Roll.

I thought I would post more information about the supplements that are included with Ultimate Reset.  The first one that I take three times day is the Optimize supplement.

Optimize helps to promote healthy metabolism and effective body functions.  It is a proprietary blend of systemic enzymes that helps turn back the clock and restore your body’s full function.  Enzymes are responsible for nearly every bodily function.

Ultimate Reset – Day 2

Day two of Ultimate Reset done!

Clean food, yummy food

Clean food, yummy food

Today went well.  I tolerated the Alkalinize better and I was able to drink more water.  I feel pretty good – not cold like yesterday.  I had some shoulder tension this morning but I did 45 minutes of P90X XStretch and that really helped.  I felt a little foggy this morning but this afternoon I had more energy.

The food was good.  Oatmeal, berries and yogurt for breakfast.  Lunch was a Greek salad with chicken.  In the afternoon I decided to have the optional snack.  I wasn’t really hungry so I probably shouldn’t have.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about food.  I had a small apple and some natural peanut butter.  For dinner I had a black beans and rice taco and some spinach.  My family had our regular tacos.  The cheddar cheese was awfully tempting!  But I resisted.  19 more days to go!