Quick Fix for Weight Loss?


Quick fix for weight loss

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Are you looking for a quick fix in your weight loss journey? I’m going to get a little real in this post today. I love coaching people, educating people and cheering them on along the way. But there are limitations. I am a great listener and I do a darned good  job encouraging people. However, I can’t drag you across the finish line. It’s something you have to do for yourself. You have to dig down deep and do the work. 

If you are the type of person that hops from fad diet to fad diet or is constantly finding the new hot thing that will help you lose weight, you might just find yourself in a lifetime of struggle. You may find temporary success and then find yourself back in the same situation you were in to begin with. Or sometimes You may end up in a worse situation. I know because I was that person. I want something better for you.
I want to help you end all that today. I want to help you learn to take one or two small goals at a time, build an action plan, and conquer it. Then we take the next steps. The compound effect of the small steps result in permanent change. I am encouraging changes that will last, not a quick fix. I hope you will join me in this journey.
Comment below or email me at info@cravingfitness.org if you want help planning a workout, tuning up your nutrition or if you just need some encouragement.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Join me for 30 days to focus on your nutrition and fitness to master the skills needed to:

  • improve your health
  • lose weight
  • and get fit

My next 3o day challenge starts July 1, 2014 but we will start with some preparation the week before so you can be successful. We will focus on exercise – you pick your own workout program or routine. If you don’t currently have a workout program I can help you select one. We will also focus on nutrition. Not a specific diet but concentrating on clean, healthy foods and weeding out the things that don’t serve us well.

During this 30 day challenge we will shift the focus away from the scale and onto daily accomplishments, daily wins. And as you build on your wins you will start to establish good habits and get better at doing what’s right for your body. I will add you to a private Facebook group the week before the challenge starts so we can get to know each other and prepare for a great July. Summer time brings it’s own challenges to trying to stay healthy. I do this in a Facebook group because of the power of group accountability. Studies show that people are more successful in achieving their goals when they are accountable to others. As a group we share tips, recipes, ideas and encouragement. I will post daily encouragement & tips and each day there will be an accountability post where you will share how you’re doing.

Join me in this 30 day challenge to improve your  nutrition, get more fit and lose weight. Quiet all the excuses in your head and fill out the form below or comment below  “I’m in” to join.

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One Week Clean Eating Challenge Starts June 12, 2014

clean eating challengeDo you struggle with clean eating or knowing WHAT to eat? I am putting together a one-week clean eating challenge that starts on Thursday, June 12. I will provide the shopping list and the menu to take the guess work out of nutrition. We’ll finish up just in time for the next weekend!

For one week we will be sharing with you meal ideas and grocery lists for your to move towards CLEANER EATING. You will benefit by learning what foods may seem healthy but maybe aren’t that good for you. We’ll take a look at what your metabolism is doing to either work FOR you or AGAINST you in your health/fitness goals. Finally, we’ll make sure you have recipes that will not only work for YOU but for your entire family (especially dinner ideas). Glad you are joining us!

I last did this right before Memorial Day weekend, and that group was AMAZING! Everyone that put in the work saw results…they lost an average of 3 lbs and 2 inches off their waist and love handles….pretty great stuff!

My Summers with the Fish at Rainbow Falls

Rainbow FallsI spent two glorious summers working at a private fishing resort called Rainbow Falls in Woodland Park, CO. I was a teenager who had grown up on the beach in California and I found myself at age 13 transplanted into the middle of the woods in Colorado. This is the third post in a series titled 5 Random Things About Me. I hope you enjoy this one. It’s bringing back lots of great memories.

We moved to Colorado after my freshman year of high school. It was like moving to another country. I grew up in Southern California near the beach. From a very large high school, traffic, tract houses, plenty of restaurants and stores to a log house in the middle of the woods 10 miles outside of the nearest small town (1 stop light in town). It was wonderful. I made several new friends right away. I’m not an extrovert but this happened because they came and found me and I’m thankful for that. I had spent the last year in a big high school and suddenly I was surrounded by new friends.

Within a short time, my new friends introduced me to a wonderful place several miles down the highway called Rainbow Falls. It was a private fishing resort with trout ponds and several lakes where you could pay to fish. The lakes were all stocked and when you bought a pass to fish there you were guaranteed to get your limit. I fell in love with this place and the people who owned it. I can’t even remember how it happened but one of my new found friends and I got summer jobs there and worked there for two summers. They were some of the best times of my life.

My friend Todd and I worked for almost nothing. We worked for the pure joy of what we were doing. It felt like being paid to have fun. We cleaned fish for the guests, we sorted and fed trout, we stocked the ponds and lakes and we helped run the store. Every day seemed like a new adventure. Some days I would come home. stinking like fish and my mom would have a bath already drawn up for me. I’d collapse into the tub, exhausted and happy. I don’t eat fish (ironic, I know) but I would bring fresh fish home for my parents and sometimes I would bring a bag of fish guts home to feed a raccoon family that would come up onto our porch. Every day we had lunch cooked for us by a German lady who fed us huge amounts and insisted that we ate every bite.

Having this opportunity as a kid was a great experience. I was also able to volunteer at a Lion’s camp for handicapped children one summer. These early work experiences set the tone for my future career. I learned that you could be fulfilled by working in a job that you love. I learned that working hard was a reward in itself. I learned that I loved working with people. Even though these jobs were very different from my eventual career as a nurse, they built a solid foundation.

When I was getting ready to write this post I looked to see if Rainbow Falls had a website. I found that they are now called Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout, Inc. and they are now a limited membership resort.  You can find them at http://www.rainbowfallsmt.com/index.php/about_our_club/fishing_at_rainbow/

Did you have summer jobs as a kid?

Best Protein for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Best protein for weight loss

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Macronutrients are the major nutrients required by the human body. There are three types of macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In this article we will answer the questions:

What is protein?

Why do we need protein?

What is the best protein for weight loss or for all around healthy living?

Protein is a necessary part of our diet. Protein is part of every cell in the body. It makes up the building blocks for our hormones and neurotransmitters. It is needed for muscle health, growth and recovery. A diet lacking in protein will result in illness and breakdown of the body.

Protein breaks down through the process of digestion into amino acids. There are a total of 20 amino acids. 12  of the amino acids can be made from carbohydrates, fats and other acids in your body. The other 8 amino acids are known as essential amino acids and you MUST get them from the food you eat – your body can’t make them.  Symptoms of a lack of protein and therefore a lack of essential amino acids can include:

  • muscle loss
  • hair loss
  • depressed immune system
  • low energy
  • decreased bone strength

There are two categories of proteins. Complete proteins provide all 20 amino acids. When you eat a complete protein the body can absorb 85-99% of the protein. Examples of complete proteins are beef, poultry, fish, milk cheese and yogurt. Sources for vegetarians include soy, hemp, tempeh and seitah. Incomplete proteins lack a variety of amino acids. These are plant-based proteins. Combining incompete proteins can give you all 20 amino acids. Unfortunately, not all of it is digestible so the body cannot absorb as much of this type of protein.

How much protein should I eat?

According to Jonathan Bailor of The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better, “It’s important to aim for a minimum serving of about 30 grams of protein at least 3 times a day.  When we eat 30 grams or more of protein it provides enough leucine to rebuild our muscle tissue. Without adequate levels of leucine we risk losing muscle tissue. 100 – 200 grams of protein a day is needed depending on your body’s needs. A smaller sedentary person needs less protein than the person who is actively bodybuilding.

Best Protein for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

The following are high quality sources of complete protein:

  • Grass-fed, organic beef – Grass-fed beef is cleaner, healthier and more flavorful than beef that is grain fed or grain finished.
  • Pastured chickens – this meat is rich in essential fatty acids and is a great source of protein. This can include any type of pastured poultry or wild game.
  • Pastured eggs – provides Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Omega-3, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene in higher levels than store-bought eggs.
  • Wild salmon is rich in Omega-3 and is a nutritious source of fat and protein.
  • Other seafood – protein in fish and shellfish is very easy to digest and the amino acids are more bioavailable (easier to absorb and use). Rich dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.
  • For those that enjoy that sort of thing – reptiles and amphibians are good protein sources and provide vitamins and minerals.
  • Greek yogurt – avoid yogurts with added sugars.
  • Shellfish  – clams, oysters, mussels, snails – rich in iron, zinc, selenium, iodine omega 3, proteins.
  • Whey protein isolate – high protein concentration, good if you cannot get enough protein with whole foods. My favorite brand of whey protein is Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Natural Whey because they don’t use any artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. Vegetarians or people who are lactose intolerant can use concentrated protein from pea protein or brown rice protein such as Now Foods Pea Protein or Nutribiotic Rice Protein
  • Liver (from grass-fed or pastured animals) – a rich source of protein that also provides vitamin A, copper, choline, and B vitamins.

So eat your protein and enjoy eating real food! Stay tuned for future articles on fats and carbohydrates.