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Empty Shelf Challenge

The next book I read for my Empty Shelf Challenge was Everything but the Posts by Becca Ludlum. This book is a quick read and a great resource for bloggers. There is good stuff in here whether you are a new blogger or whether you have been doing this for a while. Becca includes blogging tips for everyone. Even though I read through the book in just a couple of evenings there is a wealth of information that I will be returning to again and again.

The book starts out with the basics on setting up your blog. Even if your blog is up and running there may be some gems in this section for you. The next section deals with building up your community. Over the last year I have learned just how important community can be in every area of your life. Building engagement with your readers is essential for the success of your blog. The last section is about monetizing your blog. Blogging for fun is great, but if you are doing it as part of building a business you will want to read this section.

You can get Becca’s book on Amazon by clicking the picture at the top of the post (I am an Amazon affiliate) or you can go directly to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can also learn more about Becca on her blog My Crazy Good Life.


How to Get Back on Track when the Bowl Breaks

bowl broken Today’s post is about one of my experiences teaching the Healthier Living with Chronic Conditions class. One of the very first things we teach participants in this class is to make action plans. These are small, achievable steps that they commit to accomplish in the next week. These action plans are steps that get them toward a larger goal. The goals do not even have to be health related. Each week we go over what we accomplished during the last week.

During our first week, one of the participants, verbalized that he thought his action plan wasn’t as good as some of the other action plans. We assured him that we wanted to hear what he had to say and we wanted to support him in whatever he wanted to work towards.  He shared that he enjoys woodworking but he had stopped doing it over a year ago. He had been making a bowl out of redwood and was turning it on a lathe. While making the bowl he had a mechanical problem with the lathe and the bowl was shattered. He got so discouraged that he just quit. He  not only quit making that bowl, he quit making anything in the workshop – for months and months.  His goal was just to get back in the workshop and start the bowl. He didn’t promise to get any specific steps done. He just wanted to break through the barrier that had been keeping him from trying again.

During week two we shared our progress on our action plans.  He shared that he did get into the workshop and started on another bowl. His subsequent action plans reflected the progress he wanted to make each week on the bowl.  On week four He  showed up to class with the bowl in hand. We were all so excited to see this tangible representation of his achievement. bowl complete

The story of the broken bowl was a powerful one for me. So many times we get derailed from working on our goals or our dreams because something went wrong. In my life this has been reflected many times. Back in the days when I would try different diets I would hit a point where I just totally blow it. After that it always seemed so difficult to get back on track and I would just give up. Sometimes the same thing would happen when pursuing other life goals. Right now I am working towards my Masters in Nursing degree. I have hit a point in the program where I need to complete some self-study courses and take some tests. I have been at a standstill for months and I haven’t busted out the study materials and knocked out these courses. It’s not difficult…I just find myself stuck. So, like Herm from my class, I am going to use the power of group accountability. It’s silly for me to stop after getting this far. I am making an action plan to get back on track and break the studying into smaller goals and I’m going to hustle to get this done. Will you hold me accountable? Can I do the same for you with one of your goals?

bowl credit

7 Day Shakeology Challenge

Join our 7 day Shakeology Challenge

Do you need help getting your fitness and nutrition journey going?  This Shakeology challenge will help you lose weight, incorporate exercise into your daily routine and get in the habit of eating healthy balanced meals every day.

During the 7 days of the Shakeology challenge you will be asked to:

  • Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
  • Exercise at least 5 of the 7 days for at least 30 minutes (walking, jogging, Beachbody workout, gym…just get moving)
  • Eat healthy, nutrient dense meals 95% of the times.  I will provide a meal plan for you to make this easier.
  • Drink water – at least 64 oz of water per day
  • Weigh in on day 1 and after the challenge on day 8 (only on those days…leave that scale alone on the other days)
  • Check in daily on the private Facebook group

What do you get out of this Shakeology challenge?

  • Within 7 days you will feel the effects of the amazing nutrition Shakeology provides
  • A closed Facebook group for accountability and information
  • A clean eating meal plan
  • A healthy routine to set the wheels in motion for a healthier lifestyle
  • Weight loss is an added bonus.  The real benefit is in the foundation you lay and the nutrients your body will be getting

How do you get started with the Shakeology challenge?

  • The cost is $35 – this pays for 7 days of Shakeology packets – let me know whether you want chocolate, vanilla or strawberry or a combination of flavors and provide your shipping address.
  • OR you can get the most bang for your buck and order a full month supply of Shakeology by clicking here.  If you order it on Home Direct you will save even more money.
  • Email me at tammyfuller@beachbodycoach.com if you would like to participate


)Shakeology Strawberry

What is a Challenge Pack?

Challenge PackA Beachbody challenge pack is a great way to save money while kick-starting your fitness program.  Challenge packs include a complete workout program and your first 30-days of Shakeology plus a 30-day trial membership to Team Beachbody Club.  Purchasing a challenge pack saves you up to $80 over buying each item individually depending on which program you choose.  Most of the workout programs come with a meal plan to get you started off on the right foot. The Club membership also gives you an online meal planning tool to make things simple.

Check out this video to learn more about the Les Mills Combat challenge pack on sale in March.