Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables!

Vegetables_0006Many people want to find ways to eat more vegetables but you may not be a huge veggie fan.   When I started my journey I liked a few vegetables, but very few.  Eating the same few vegetables got boring very quickly when I started eating more real food.  I have found that if I fill up on my proteins and my non-starchy vegetables, there is not much room left for the starches and the sweets.  It has become an easy way to feel full and not deprived.  The best part is that eating lots of veggies gives my body the nutrients it needs so it doesn’t send my brain so many craving signals.

If eating veggies is a challenge for you, try disguising them in other foods.  Zucchini has very mild flavor.  You can grate it up and put it in most anything and you won’t taste it.  My family likes it in spaghetti sauce, chili and meatloaf.  I have even put it in my smoothies.  We’ll talk more about smoothies on another post.

Sometimes you may find that if you try new ways to prepare vegetables you may like them better.  For example, my husband didn’t really care for raw cauliflower but he found that he enjoys them roasted with garlic and Italian seasoning.  You might just surprise yourself.  I’ve spent my whole life thinking I hated Brussels sprouts because I had only tasted them boiled or steamed.  I never made them for my family since I didn’t like them myself.  I tried them roasted at a restaurant and found them to be surprisingly good.  I made them for my family and now roasted Brussels sprouts are an addition to my family’s menu.

My kids love kale chips.  Take kale leaves and put them in a bag with some olive oil and salt (garlic too if you like it).  Put the seasoned kale on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (check on them often – they may be done sooner) until they are crispy.  My kids can put away a whole head of kale in a matter of minutes!

You can also make your own salsa.  Salsa is delicious and somehow doesn’t seem to taste like vegetables.  Commercial salsas can contain unwanted ingredients like sugar and chemicals.  Making your own can help ensure that your family is getting great nutrition without the extra junk.

Check out my vegetable board on Pinterest Vegetables for more veggie ideas.

Bonus challenge – track your number of veggie servings today.  Each day after this, try to increase your veggies by one serving per day.  Comment below with your progress or with vegetable ideas that others may find helpful.