Perspective From the Nosebleed Seats: Great Expectations

Great Expectations

baseballLast month we had an opportunity to attend a Dodger’s baseball game.  My 10 year old has never been to a big league game and he is a complete baseball freak.  He was so excited about getting to see “his Dodgers.”  When we where choosing our tickets online, we found that most of the seats in the area we wanted to sit were already sold out.  I mentioned that we might need to sit in the “nosebleed” seats.  My son started to cry – his little heart already breaking.  I tried to explain to him that even the nosebleed seats are incredibly fun.  He just wasn’t buying it.  We ended up finding better tickets (of course, spending more money than we had planned).

Once we got to the stadium, we stood near the top level and looked down over the field.  My son was in awe of actually being there.  I said to him, “see, even the nosebleed seats are awesome.”  He just looked at me, grinning.  We went down to our seats and had a great day together.

The whole situation stuck in my mind.  How many times have I been upset that things didn’t meet the level of my expectations?  Sometimes I am missing out on an awesome experience right in front of me because I’m looking back at what could have been.  Parenting is a great way to experience life’s little lessons all over again.

Ashwagandha Makes Your Brain Happy!

ashwagandhaAshwagandha is a superfood that is also known as Indian ginseng or Indian Winter Cherry.  It is known as an “adaptogen.”  Adaptogens support the body’s natural resistance to stress.  Ashwagandha helps the brain by supporting mental clarity, concentration, alertness and relaxation.  It has been used in Indian, Ayurvedic, and African medicine for many uses such as arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Ashwagandha is just one of the many superfoods that can be found in Shakeology.



Focus T25 Workout Review

Focus T25 Workout ReviewFocus T25 Workout Review

In this post I will review the new Beachbody workout by fitness trainer Shaun T.  The program is called Focus T25.  All workouts are 25 minutes long.  The idea of these workouts is to get the same kind of results in 25 minutes that you would expect from a longer workout.  I will keep updating this post until I’ve done all the DVDs in the set.  The set comes with Alpha phase workouts and Beta phase workouts.  There is an optional Gamma set you can buy as well.  The nice thing about this program as opposed to Insanity is that there is a person acting as a modifier for each of the moves.  So even a beginner or someone needing low impact can do this workout.  We have been using this program in our Fit Club where we have a wide range of fitness levels.

Alpha Phase

Day 1 – Cardio

This workout seemed like it was going to be easy when I first started.  I have done Insanity many times and this one starts off easier than Insanity.   I quickly found out that the intensity increases as you progress through the workout and there are no breaks.  I got a great calorie burn and I definitely felt like I got a decent workout in 25 minutes.

Day 2 – Speed 1.0

This was a fast-paced workout that included cardio, stretching and some balance.  I am not very coordinated so some of the moves were challenging for me.   I enjoyed it and even got a good laugh at myself.  I burned even more calories on this one than the previous day.  I liked the fact that just about the time I was really winded there would be a little stretch break.

Day 3 – Total Body Circuit

I liked this one.  I’m a big fan of body-weight exercises.  This workout will improve your strength and resistance using just your own body.  One thing I’ve noticed about these workouts is Tania is doing some great low-impact modifications for those that need it.  I have seen modifications in other workouts that didn’t seem all that different than what everyone else is doing.  A beginner could do this workout and just follow Tania until they were ready for more.  If you’re ready for more, just follow Shaun T.  I swear he jumps around like he has springs on his feet!  I think this one will be my favorite workout of Alpha phase.

Day 4 – Ab Intervals

This is a great ab workout.  I was worried about the length of it but I should have known Shaun T. would have it handled.  Each progression of exercises starts out easy and then builds in difficulty.  Just about the time my ab muscles were crying “uncle” there is a short period of cardio where I could recover.  It’s helpful to have a mat for this one.

Day 5 – Double workout – Cardio and Lower Focus

In Focus T25 Fridays are for double workouts.  This first week we repeated the Cardio workout from Monday and then the schedule called for Lower Focus.  I didn’t have time in the morning to do both back to back so I did one in the morning and the other after work.  Lower Focus encompasses many of the moves in previous workouts.  By the end of it my legs were like limp spaghetti noodles.  The great thing about lower body workouts is that you are using such big muscles that you get a great calorie burn.

Each week of Alpha phase the workouts are arranged in a different order.  This keeps the body guessing.

Beta Phase

By the time Beta Phase rolled around I felt ready.  I had been doing the Alpha Phase DVDs for 5 weeks and I felt like I had the moves down.  I was also starting to get tired of the same workouts over and over.

Day 1 – Core Cardio

Many of the moves are the same as the alpha phase but taken up a notch.  There are a few new moves as well.  By now you will be in better shape and more comfortable with the moves in the workout so you can focus more on tightening your core and getting more benefit there.

Day 2 – Speed 2.0

Ok, I’m just being honest here…this one is not my favorite.  The beginning starts out fine.  Very similar to Speed 1.0 from Alpha phase but without all the teaching.  He just starts to roll right into it.  Shaun T. does a series of moves and then goes through it again for a shorter period of time.  The circuits keep repeating but with less time each round.  By the end you’re doing all the moves for only an 8 count.  I just find that mentally it’s not an enjoyable workout for me.  I must say that many of my friends LOVE this one.  To each his own, I guess.  Maybe it will be your favorite!

Day 3 – Rip’t Circuit

I love this one.  I love body-weight workouts and working out with weights or resistance bands.  This is a great full body workout that will get your heart rate up and make you stronger as well.  You use light dumb bells or light resistance bands, but the moves are slow and controlled so you will definitely feel the burn.

Day 4 – Dynamic Core

This is a great core workout.  Shaun T. focuses on the entire core including the back.  Much of the workout is done standing and the rest is done on the floor so it’s good to have a mat for this one.

Day 5 – Double Workout – Upper Focus & Core Cardio

Upper Focus – I love this one!  This one is done with dumb bells or a resistance band.  Once again, you can use a light weight.  I especially need a light weight for the shoulder moves.  The Core Cardio workout from Day 1 of Beta phase is repeated on this day.  The idea is to do one after the other, but I have to split them up.  I do one in the morning before work and then get the second one in after work.

All in all I definitely liked this program.  In fact this is one I would for someone looking for a good all-around workout.  With the modified moves that Tania does in each video it would be great for someone just starting.  It is a good one for someone in shape as well if you do the moves as Shaun T. teaches and push yourself.