What is a Superfood?

superfoodSuperfood for Super Health


Superfoods are foods that are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals which have disease-fighting properties.  The benefit of eating these foods is that you get superior nutrition along with strong health benefits.  Including superfoods in your meal plan helps to give you energy, reduce cravings, maintain a healthy body weight and support your immune system.  Many superfoods are things you may already be eating like blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea, mangos and tomatoes.  Other superfoods are not so easily obtained at your local market.

I drink Shakeology because it contains an amazing number of superfoods.  I will be highlighting each of these these foods in future articles but here is a list of some of the nutrients in Shakeology.  If I tried to go out and buy all of these foods individually the cost would be prohibitive.

Super-Protein Blend (good for building lean muscle, improving skin and hair, suport mental clarity and reduces cravings)

Sacha Inchi, Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth, Brown Rice, Pea

Super-Fruit/Antioxidant blend (promotes a healthy heart and blood pressure, antioxidant properties)

Camu-Camu, Acai, Acerola Cherry, Bilberry, Goji Berry, Green Tea, Luo Han Guo, Pomegranate, Rose Hips

Adaptogen Blend (protection from stress, immune system support, balance of endocrine system)

Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Ginkgo, Maca, Maitake, Reishi, Schisandra, Tulsi

Pre- and Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme Blend (helps your body absorb nutrients, promotes regularity and improved digestion)

Yacon Root, Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Bomelain, Papain

Super-Green/Phytonutrient Blend (helps keep the body in an alkaline state and promotes detoxification)

Moringa, Chlorellla, Spirulina, Spinach, Barley Grass, Kamut Grass, Wheat Grass, Oat Grass

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Help, My Weight is Stuck!

Yikes!  Not another weight loss plateau…my weight is stuck!

My scale has not moved in a few weeks despite exercising daily. The old me would have felt defeated and I would have sabotaged myself. Instead I am looking at what I am doing and evaluating where I can make a change to move my progress forward. My biggest weakness right now is related to the things I am eating. I find myself slipping back into old food behaviors.

In the past I have read many articles about issues with food. Many of them have little quizzes you can take that help you evaluate why you eat too much.  They all have questions like,

Do you eat when you are happy?

Do you eat when you are sad?

Do you eat when you are lonely?

Do you eat when you are bored?

Do you eat because there’s food in front of you?

…and many variations of the above.

The problem with these quizzes for me are that my answers are always yes, yes, yes…all of the above.  I eat because I like to eat.  I don’t like the results but I do it anyway.  Even when I am not hungry.  In many cases I’m not choosing healthy foods.  I choose fatty, salty, sugary foods that I have been trying to eliminate from my diet.

So why do I do it?  Why do I have this rebellious, self destructive streak in me?  In Romans 7:15 Paul says “ I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.”  I strongly believe that this is a spiritual battle more than a physical one.  The eating is just a symptom of the battle between my flesh and my spirit.

My strategies for success with getting a grip on my food behaviors when my weight is stuck:

1.  Most important I must feed my spirit – Spend more time in the Word and in worship – this is what I truly crave

2.  Keep my pantry stocked with healthy, nourishing foods – This increases the chance that I will make good choices

3.  Make sure that I am getting the nutrients my body needs – This helps to reduce cravings. Your body will send hunger signals even when it is full if it is missing vital nutrients.

4.  Have a splurge once a week – I do better when I don’t deprive myself of the things that I consider treats

5.  Stay hydrated – thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger

6.  Be accountable to others – having a support system around me helps to keep me focused toward my goals

7.  Stay off the scale for a bit – stop obsessing about the number and do the things that I know will make me successful

8.  Shake things up – try a different workout, experiment with new healthy dishes

Clean Eating – What is it and is it for me?

clean eating

Clean Eating – newest buzz word or smart idea?

I see the term “clean eating” everywhere I look.  There are differing opinions of what clean eating is comprised of, but each opinion shares many of the same concepts.  The main idea is to simplify your food choices and eat foods that are as close to their natural form as possible.  Eliminate eating foods that are full of chemicals and empty calories.

Eat lots of plants.  

Fill up on veggies and fruits, organic and unprocessed. Foods that do not need a label (like an apple or a zucchini) are best.

Eat high quality meats.

Lean meats are great nutrient dense source of protein. Buy organic, grass fed meat whenever possible for optimal nutrition. Buy whole meats when possible and grind yourself so that you know what is in it.

No processed foods.

 Or at least decrease the amount of processed foods in your daily meal plan.  Read labels.  Foods that have no more than 3-6 ingredients are best.  If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it is probably not best for you.

Eat high quality fats.

Good examples of this is coconut oil, avocado, nuts, eggs, etc.

Avoid genetically modified foods, canned, processed, and refined foods.  No junk!  Only whole, natural foods that will fuel your body without damaging it.

If you are interested in joining our Facebook group where we challenge each other to eat clean for 14 days just fill out the form and I’ll notify you of the next start date. I run this challenge once or twice a month and I’d love to have you join the fun! 



What is in Shakeology?

Shakeology Ingredients

I am planning a series of blog posts on the ingredients in Shakeology to give more details on the amazing nutrition in this product.  It is not just another protein powder or meal replacement shake.  To kick off the series I wanted to post this video of Tony Horton giving a humorous view of the value of Shakeology.  My husband and I drink it daily.  It comes with a “bottom of the bag guarantee” so you can’t lose.

In the month of February I am offering a $20 Visa Gift Card to anyone who orders Shakeology on Home Direct (which also gets you free shipping).



Staying Motivated When You Just Don’t Feel Like It!

excellenceHow do you keep working out when…

you’re too busy, too tired, injured, sick, feel like it’s not working, etc., etc.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to keep moving towards your goals when you’re not feeling it.  This is not an exhaustive list but it includes many of the ways that I keep myself motivated.  I have plenty of days that I come home tired, frustrated, cranky, or just not “into it.”  I’d love to hear more of your motivation tips in the comments below.  These are listed in no particular order.

Step one – make yourself a priority.  You are worth it!  If you don’t already see yourself as worth it then this is a great place to start!  You can’t keep giving and giving to others without taking care of yourself.

Step two… evaluate your goal.  Do you even have a goal?  Do you have too many competing goals? A really important part of the journey is to  find your why. Why are you making the time to exercise?  What do you hope to accomplish?  Some of my goals are based on numbers on the scale or the tape measure.  But I think that my more important goals are those non-scale victories I’m hoping for.  Things like being able to do a pull up, not having my thighs slap together when I exercise, smaller clothes and feeling good about myself  are some of my reasons.  Once you have figured out your goals it takes frequent evaluation to decide if the things you are spending your time on are moving you towards your goals?

Step three…what inspires you? who inspires you? Surround yourself with people who are inspiring and don’t drag you down.  People who can encourage you to follow your dream  Sometimes it helps to visualize what it will look like when you reach your goals.  Many people make a dream board with photos and sayings that create a visual reminder of their goals.

Step four…be accountable to others and get support from others.  Find like-minded people who can cheer you on when you’re on the right track and encourage you when you’re derailing.  Announce your goal and keep your support team informed of your progress.  Most importantly, know when to ask for help.

Step five…do it anyway! Push through the tough times and make an effort.  I find that many times when I don’t want to work out, I’ll get ready and commit to  working out for 10minutes or so.  Most of the time once I get started I can stick with it.  The hardest part is just dragging my buns into the workout room and starting.  If you’re still not feeling it after 10 minutes then give yourself permission to stretch, foam roll, etc. for the day instead of strenuous exercise.

Step six…be realistic!  Break your big goal down into smaller steps. Take one of those small steps and commit to it.  Do it faithfully and make it a habit.  Build on your successes and work steadily towards your goal.

Step seven…brag about your successes – to yourself and to others! Even small successes can motivate you and inspire others.

Step eight…push yourself!  Give yourself some credit and know that you can do much more than you think you can.  Do it until you can’t do any more and then push a little farther.  Your brain gives out before your body does.  When you think you’re done – you’re not!

Step nine…keep track of your progress.  It’s easy to forget just how far you’ve come.  Keep a journal, log, calendar or photos of your workouts and your progress.  Visual motivation is powerful.  Someday you will have your own transformation story!

Step ten…figure out a way to make it fun.  Work out with a friend, play your favorite music, be silly, involve your kids.  There are many ways to bring a little fun into something that would otherwise be a drag.  I love it when my kids work out with me.  I also work harder when I have a friend alongside me – I push so much harder when I am challenged by someone else.  Sometimes you may need to try something new.  Find what you like.  That was the key for me.  Insanity was the first workout that I got addicted to.  It was such an incredible challenge and so different from anything I had tried before.

Step eleven…if you blow it, get right back into it.  Just because you miss a day or two doesn’t mean that you should give up.  Get in there and “git ‘er done!”  Forgive yourself for slacking and get in there and be awesome!

Step twelve…reward yourself.  Celebrate each step that you make in the right direction.  Find your joy in taking on a challenge and conquering it.

Please let me know how you have accomplished tackling difficult goals and staying motivated.  If you haven’t already joined me on Facebook  I’d love for you to “like” my page here.



Plodding Along…Thankful for My Weaknesses

StarsHave you ever felt like you’re working hard and getting nowhere?

I feel like this frequently.  Tonight I was doing my walk/run after my Asylum workout.  I’m not a runner and I don’t think I’ll ever be, but I’m trying to improve my fitness in many different areas.  I walk for a few minutes and then run for one minute.  I repeat that cycle for a total of 20 minutes.  I’ll be working on increasing the run time over the next few weeks.  So, tonight I was plodding along at my usual snail’s pace (which I call running) and I was feeling a bit discouraged.  When I was almost done, I happened to look up at the sky and saw zillions of beautiful stars.  My focus changed in an instant.  It’s amazing how shifting from looking down (staring at the sidewalk and concentrating on my gasping breath) to looking up and seeing the bigger picture can change a person’s perspective.    Suddenly I was reminded of creation and a wonderful creator who placed me in it.  I could hear my children who were riding their bikes alongside me and arguing with each other and I was thankful that they were out being active and supporting my efforts.  I was even thankful for my weaknesses.  I was thankful that I struggle with eating right and exercising because it forces me to rely on God instead of on myself.  It also gives me an opportunity to help others because I truly know how hard it is.  Please contact me if I can support you in your struggles and your weaknesses or if you just want to encourage me as I work on mine!

Here is the running plan I’m working on.  Click on it to see it bigger.