Ultimate Reset Day 4

Ultimate Reset – Day 4 – No More New Year’s Resolutions

No meat...and I lived!

No meat…and I lived!

Today I went to work for the first time since starting this adventure.  I was a bit apprehensive after hearing other people’s experiences trying to do this at work, but it went fine.  I actually had more energy today than I have the last 3 days so that helped as well.  I did have some feelings creep up today about how long 21 days really is.  I wasn’t craving any specific foods, but I was wishing for ANY of the things I’ve been doing without.  It’s amazing how quickly I can be tempted to give up.  But I stayed strong and got through it.

My meals were all good today.  Big plate of fruit, greek yogurt and a piece of whole wheat bread this morning for breakfast.  Microgreen salad and lentil salad for lunch.  Cucumber salad, stir fry veggies and quinoa for dinner.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and many people are making New Year’s Resolutions.  I can’t think of one resolution that I’ve ever kept long term.  I’ve been thinking about how this year I’ve been working on making permanent lifestyle changes and how I want to continue that trend into 2013.  Whatever goals I choose to work on I want to make sure that I am pleasing to God.  This video of a Chris Sligh song is one of my favorite songs and the lyrics fit my intentions perfectly.

Ultimate Reset – Day 3

Third Day of Ultimate Reset – Surviving Without Caffeine

Full and happy!

Full and happy!

The Reset has been fine so far.  I do miss drinking coffee and Diet Coke, but it hasn’t been as bad as I expected.  I really miss cheese right now.  It’s also tempting to reach in to the bags/boxes of snacks that my kids leave out – but I’ve resisted so far.  I’m very thankful to have a husband who is making the meals for himself and the kids so that I can reduce temptation to stray from the plan.  My daughter cooked some bacon tonight – the smell was sooooo wonderful.  I sometimes think it would be easier to do this if I was the only one in the house, but I really think it would be harder.  My family helps keep me accountable.  And my readers help keep me accountable – thank you!

Today’s breakfast was the same as Day 1 – eggs, toast and spinach.  This time I made the eggs over easy so that I could put them on top of the toast.  That way I didn’t have to eat the toast totally dry.  Lunch was a big microgreen salad and a yummy lentil dish.  It was too much food and I couldn’t finish the lentils.  Dinner was another matter.  I have learned that I do NOT like seaweed.  Not Nori, not Wakame, not in a house, not with a mouse, I do not like seaweed!  I was supposed to eat Nori Rolls tonight – I ended up eating the inside and taking the wrapper off.  I was also supposed to eat Miso Soup (with more seaweed) and I didn’t like it even without the seaweed.  A Japanese Cucumber Salad rounded off the meal.  I liked the cucumber very much.  Thankfully I was full after eating the cucumbers and the deconstructed Nori Roll.

I thought I would post more information about the supplements that are included with Ultimate Reset.  The first one that I take three times day is the Optimize supplement.

Optimize helps to promote healthy metabolism and effective body functions.  It is a proprietary blend of systemic enzymes that helps turn back the clock and restore your body’s full function.  Enzymes are responsible for nearly every bodily function.

Ultimate Reset – Day 2

Day two of Ultimate Reset done!

Clean food, yummy food

Clean food, yummy food

Today went well.  I tolerated the Alkalinize better and I was able to drink more water.  I feel pretty good – not cold like yesterday.  I had some shoulder tension this morning but I did 45 minutes of P90X XStretch and that really helped.  I felt a little foggy this morning but this afternoon I had more energy.

The food was good.  Oatmeal, berries and yogurt for breakfast.  Lunch was a Greek salad with chicken.  In the afternoon I decided to have the optional snack.  I wasn’t really hungry so I probably shouldn’t have.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about food.  I had a small apple and some natural peanut butter.  For dinner I had a black beans and rice taco and some spinach.  My family had our regular tacos.  The cheddar cheese was awfully tempting!  But I resisted.  19 more days to go!

Ultimate Reset – Day 1

First day of detox and clean eating – done!

Good clean food.

Today went well.  My only “symptom” has been feeling VERY cold.  I don’t even know if that’s related to the reset but I was in the house with two sweatshirts on and still cold.  The rest of the family wasn’t cold.

The day 1 food was good.  Eggs, toast and spinach were on the menu for breakfast.  It was weird eating the toast dry but not a big deal.  Lunch was a big old yummy salad.  I made the creamy garlic dressing from the recipe book and it was fantastic.  I will definitely be keeping that recipe.  Dinner was supposed to be salmon, asparagus and fingerling potatoes.  I don’t eat fish, so I substituted chicken.  I also had to change out the asparagus for green beans since the asparagus that was available at the store was woody and looked like it was ready for the trash can.  The food was enough for me and I didn’t need the optional snack.

So day one with no coffee or diet coke and I don’t have a headache yet.  Hopefully I won’t get one.  Three out of the four supplements were fine.  The last one, Alkalinize, was tough to swallow – literally.  It’s a mixture of different grasses so you can imagine what it smells and tastes like.  I got on the official website and someone from Beachbody gave me some tips to be able to drink it better tomorrow.  That ‘s one thing I really like about this program – the support.  There is a Facebook support group for every phase of the reset.    It’s nice to post questions and have them answered quickly.  It’s also helpful to read posts of others going through the same process and encouraging each other.

Ultimate Reset – Why Would I Do That?

21 Day Commitment to Detox and Clean Eating – My “Why”

BUR_product_configuration_170x100 (1)I am starting the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program soon.  Click here to watch a video about what the Ultimate Reset is and what it can do for you.  One thing I have learned when setting goals for myself is that I have to identify my “why.”  I ask myself, why am I doing it?  What does it mean to me?  What exactly do I hope to accomplish?  Digging deeper and understanding my “why” helps me to ensure that I’m not just doing something impulsively, but I’m truly committed to achieving the goal.  The answers to these questions are what I will fall back on when I’m struggling with the process of reaching my goal.

So I am writing this post to document my reasons for doing the Ultimate Reset.  I know there will be challenges during the 21 day program but I believe the benefits will outweigh any difficulties.  Some of the challenges I’m anticipating include drinking some supplements that are maybe not so yummy.  I plan to follow the food recommendations as closely as possible and if I make any substitutions it will be for other foods that are on the menu.  For example, I don’t eat salmon so on the day that salmon is on the menu I will substitute the chicken that is on another meal for that week.  But I’m sure that eating the food exactly as prescribed will pose some challenges.  There are some foods on the list that I’ve never even tried (like miso, seaweed and millet).  Another tough part is that I will be giving up coffee and diet Coke for the duration of the Reset.  I think the diet Coke part will be fine, but I’m feeling kind of whiny about the coffee.  These concerns just serve to prove the need to really evaluate why I’m doing this and what I hope to get out of it.

My biggest hope for this program is that it will help me bust through the weight loss plateau I’m currently stuck on.  I’m expecting to lose some pounds and inches during this process, but I hope that the effects will extend beyond the 21 days and that I will continue to see results after the Reset.  I hope to try new foods and incorporate them in my daily diet from here on out.  I hope that I can permanently give up some bad eating habits and create new healthful habits.  If I can keep my eye on the prize during this process I believe I will be successful and cross the finish line with some awesome wins.

I plan to post my experiences on a daily basis once I start.  I know that it has been helpful for me to read about other people’s journeys with the reset before I start so that I can be prepared and I want to provide that kind of support for others that are considering doing this.  Another reason for daily posting is that it will help keep me accountable to following the plan and sticking with what I intend to accomplish.

Vegetable of the Week – Rutabaga

Today I tried my newest veggie adventure – the lowly rutabaga. Before this I never even knew what one looked like or what I might do with one. I found a recipe in Sunset magazine and went to the store. It turns out that the rutabaga is a root vegetable that looks very similar to a turnip (which I have never tried either). In researching the rutabaga, I learned that most of the world calls the rutabaga a swede.  I like that name better…not that it matters. In Scotland they call them neeps.  Now that’s fun to say.

When I cut it open it kind of smelled like a raw potato and a little bit like raw cabbage.  I chopped them up like I would a potato and made a rutabaga hash with onions, jalapeno, celery cilantro and bacon and served it with eggs.  It was very yummy and I’ll definitely be eating them again.  They have less calories and carbs than a regular potato so they can be a good substitute.

Rutabaga Hash
Hash and Eggs

Accountability – My Recent Results

Measuring ProgressHave you ever dreaded stepping on the scale?

Have you ever done silly things before stepping on the scale?  I never used to weigh myself with wet hair.  All that water has to weigh something, right?  I had a friend who used to go to Weight Watchers and go in the bathroom to remove her bra before weigh in.  Many of my best laid plans for weight loss have been destroyed because of the number on the scale.  I used to give that number WAY too much power in my life.  Now I’m working on using other methods to measure the progress in my quest to eat better and move more.

In the last few months I have lost 10 pounds.  I am proud of the 10 pounds, but it looks like I have lost even more than that because I have gained muscle which takes up less room than the same number of pounds of fat.  I have also lost inches which makes my clothes fit so much better.  A few more inches and I will have to start shopping for new clothes!  I am currently facing a plateau but I’m not letting it derail my efforts.  As soon as the holidays are over I plan to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and then I will start P90X2.

My favorite way to measure my progress is to look at the increase in my fitness level.  I wrote in an earlier post that I have lost weight before but I’ve never been fit.  My first hint of fitness “wonderfulness” came when I did my second Insanity fit test.  The first fit test is the one you do before you start the exercise program.  Since I had been a couch potato for many years I was tempted to skip the fit test all together.  I’m so glad I did it even though the results were dismal.  One of the exercises on the test is called the push up jack.  To perform it you do a men’s push up, but when you go down your legs go out like a jumping jack.  On the first test I couldn’t even do one.  I attempted it, but I was just sure I was going to break my nose.  When I did the fit test after two weeks of Insanity, my numbers went up on every exercise.  I was able to do 6 of the push up  jacks.  I was so excited I was doing the happy dance.  I had never been able to do men’s push ups before, much less a PUSH UP JACK!  This one simple victory became my motivator to commit to exercising regularly – and it happened with just two weeks of consistent effort.  I have many other examples of how my fitness has improved, but the push up jack was my initial inspiration.

I would love to hear about you and your fitness journey.


December Squat-a-thon

Squat Challenge
I have been participating in a squat-a-thon this month that someone posted on Facebook. When I decided to join the challenge, I posted it on my Facebook page in order to be accountable to others. I was amazed as the posts on my page and others went viral and now there are so many people joining in the challenge. It’s just that easy – commit, let others know what you are doing, and pretty soon everyone is joining in the challenge to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not too late – join in the December challenge and start squatting! Your quads, hamstrings and glutes may thank you. Comment below if you are participating!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie with Shakeology

This is one of my favorite Shakeology smoothie recipes.  It is rich and creamy and tastes like dessert but is full of great nutrition.

Yummy Nutrition


1 scoop chocolate Shakeology

2T Peanut butter

8 oz almond milk

1 banana

4-5 ice cubes

Blend until smooth and creamy and ENJOY!

These are the ingredients I use if I’m drinking this as a meal replacement.  If I have it as a snack I will usually use the Shakeology and only 1 T of peanut butter and 1/2 of a banana along with the almond milk and ice.  That way I get a great snack without quite as many calories.  Watch the video to the right if you want to learn more about the nutrients in Shakeology.

The finished smoothie